Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Mothers Love

A lot can be learned from a trip to the zoo. Mama monkey finally had her baby. My sister, kids and I stared in amazement for quite some time and were entertained watching the new furry family.
I found myself just gazing at the mama... the way she hugged tight to her little new addition. The way the baby wrapped his new arms around her and looked around in complete peace. It was beautiful.
No matter what she did, whether it was eating, jumping looking around, instinctively, her protective grasp never left her baby.
It was a beautiful thing to watch. So natural. Just the way God intended. Even out in the wild, among different creatures and species, a mothers love can be recognized and for a split second, as our eyes locked, we understood each other...


  1. I have been doing a lesson with my boys about Jane Goodall. And it is amazing learning about the chimpanzees and how they are affectionate with their family. We've made two zoo trips, one was this past week.

    Hope you guys had a fun day:)

  2. That is precious! Thanks for sharing.
    Please say some prayers for our little guy and us as we head out today for Charleston/ MUSC and he is scheduled for open heart surgery Tues. I know you believe in prayers!

    also his carepage is code is zebsstory

  3. My five-year-old son loves the documentary we have about Jane Goodall. He finds her work just fascinating! I'm glad his life is more than Spiderman and Power Rangers. Sounds like your kids are also being encouraged to have wider experiences than those in tv land! Bravo!

  4. Beautiful post! It is amazing when we stop and truly look at stuff like that!



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