Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Being {Gulp} Transparent.

I had a baby shower to attend this weekend. I was excited about it. I made the cutest PINK diaper cake and some pretty paper flowers.
On Saturday morning I woke up too early, showered, dressed, made a huge weekend breakfast for the kids and prepared to go. I needed to leave early to help decorate. Before long Emma came back into my bathroom and said...

"Mom... the car is dead..."

Oh no. Those are my most feared words.

After a minute of freak out and a very resourceful hubby, we realized it was due to a problem we had with our side double door not closing all the way and a very dead battery. The battery would have to be charged and replaced asap.

Needless to say, the Baby shower was a bust! I called my friend and thankfully she was just around the corner from my home. She would be able to come and pick up the gifts and deliver them even though I would not be there.

My house was in chaos. It was 9:45 on a saturday and Mama was supposed to be leaving. Babies were running amuck naked, breakfast dishes were getting crusty on my table. My front door was wide open and kids were freely running in and out. The 2 loads of laundry I meant to fold the night before lay strewn on my living room floor. It was not a pretty sight. My little Red House was NOT in order.

As I stepped over the spilled shoes in my foyer to greet my sweet friend who came to save the day, I suddenly realized what she was about to see...

"Oh my G****, I must really love you to let you see my house this way..." I laughed...

As she stepped into my living area she laughed and started saying "OH MY GOODNESS, YOUR HUMAN!! Your normal. You even have naked kids!!."

I laughed and inwardly cringed and told her she should never see my house this way.

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me..."

As she packed her car and I waved her off, I immediately ran into my home and cleaned. Within 15 minutes order was restored. The house was clean, chores were delegated, children began getting dressed...all the while thinking how I wished she didn't see my house that way.

Over the next hour her statement began to echo back in my mind..." your human... your human..."

Oh my. What image have I been projecting to those people near and dear? Did I like having this perfect image? Why did it bother me that she saw my house in disarray?

I always am a big believer in being transparent. In being real. No one has a perfect life. Not one so if you try to sell me one, I have your number. So, what image have I been sending out to those near and dear to me?

I tend to be a bit type A. My house needs to stay tidy. When I have people over, the house is neat, orderly and food already prepared so I can spend time with my guests. When I have overnight guests I work harder to not have the house fall behind. With 7 + people under one roof, messes and chaos can happen QUICK. Is this what she meant?

I don't want to portray a perfect Stepford wife appearance. Thats far from what I am. I try my best to be the best I can be but Im not perfect.

Im human. My bathrooms are messy, don't EVER take my kids booster seats off the chair, who knows what you would find. Behind our garbage can needs to be swept, I can't clean ovens and I avoid scrubbing the inside of the fridge at all costs. Im human!

I will however, NEVER leave the house without make-up! But Im a girl, what do you expect ;)


  1. I am like this, too. As wives and mothers, we feel as if we bear all the responsibility of the home, so if our home is in disarray, then maybe that will reflect poorly on who we are as people (that isn't true, but that's how we think sometimes).
    I think God gives us these moments to remind us that we are human.

  2. I like to "pretend" I have it all together... but I know (and so does DH, and now, our daughter's nanny) that the beds haven't been made in, oh, I'd say about three weeks. It's my small way of letting go of my OCD!

    I'm uber-impressed that you made a diaper cake. I've tried to make them in the past, and ended up just giving the mom-to-be a basket of crumpled diapers.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  3. I hate it when someone catches me with a messy house. My house is by no means spotless all the time, but when company comes, I like for it to be nice and tidy.

    I gave you an award on my blog today because I really enjoy your blog!

  4. I NEVER have it all together.And it seems like on those days when I ESPECIALLY don't have it all together...is when someone will stop by.
    I just hope it's "transparent" that I am constantly TRYING to have it all together :) I work hard, the work is just never-ending!
    Great post!

  5. I love it, but didn't I teach you anything? You should of had that stuff on the front porch ready to go and as soon as that girl drove up, you should of ran out and tossed the stuff in the car. I also would of threatend the older ones to take the younger ones (naked and all)upstairs.
    Now who is being transparent? Great mother I am, huh? lol
    I was just thinking how you always have your make-up and a nice outfit on right before I read the end of your post. You're the best!
    Miss you.
    The comment you left on my blog is scarring me! Hey, did you read my blog community discussion? I am shocked you didn't comment on that!



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