Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today I'm linking up with Krystina for What I Love Wednesdays!!!

I love the south... and this sign pretty much sums it all up for me. Comfort, southern food and a warm welcome...
What more could you ask for???

 I love this sign I bought for $3. It describes perfectly how I feel about being "green" and saving the Earth....
Actually, Im NOT green. I take care of my corner of the world but do not believe God created humans and failed to realize that our progression on this planet would destroy it. I think he is a bit smarter than that. Don't you?
The Earth has a Finite number of days, just like we do and every day it comes closer to it being "Gloriously Restored" and no matter how many cloth diapers we use or canvas grocery bags we buy... we will not save one blade of grass before Gods time!!

Cuddling with my baby. She is at that wiggly stage so when I get quiet moments on the couch snuggling with her, I eat them up and enjoy every second!

Shopping with my sis. Its

My kids playing pranks on Aunt Cindy...


Going to my Aunts house down the road. She always bakes the most wonderful treats and has delicious coffee!!
A true gramie's house....

What do you love???


  1. I am participating in WILW too.. so nice to meet you! hugs xo

  2. Aren't sisters the greatest! I have 2 younger sisters. I love seeing the pics of you and your sis together. By the way, I also LOVE that sign too. 3 bucks?! Wow! That's a great find!



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