Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today is another super crazy day...

Well not super crazy, just crazy. But it will get super if I don't get my tush off this computer and get going...

So here goes...

Today I am LUUVVIINNGG Half and half. I just started using it in my coffee. Prior to that I was a strict 1% milk girl.

I know it defeats the whole....

"Losing the lots-o-baby weight" motto Im struggling with but

its so rich and creamy and yummy and brings excitement to my morning and my evenings and my... afternoons!!

I also LOVE over the counter hair kits...

It makes it easy and affordable to become a natural blond again. =)

But I hope you all have a GREAT Wednesday. Go to church tonight... its a great oasis in the middle of a hard week.



  1. My husband "splurges" on Half and Half. He is so cheap you know it must be

    Hope you'll come by and follow the link to enter a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate for my Etsy shop. Melissa, The Missionary Mama, is hosting this giveaway. Fun!!

  2. I love half and half too! hugs.. I am participating in WILW too... isn't it fun? xo hugs

  3. I love half&half too. It's the only way my husband will drink coffee and he's converted me. :-)


  4. I love fat free half and half I replace it in recipes that call for buttermilk and it works great!!! miss u girl!



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