Wednesday, April 20, 2011


YAA!! Its wednesday again and I am joining The Pleated Poppy and Krystina for What I wore Wednesday and What I Love Wednesday.

Today is accessory addition. I just Love Love Love accessories....
a little too much.
I always say Im going to be the crazy old lady with lipstick on her teeth, dripping in perfume and all sorts of crazy costume jewelry on every inch of my body. Ha!
I collect everything and anything and try to wear it all. (not all at once though... not yet anyway;)

I get almost all of my jewelry from Old Navy. Surprised??
I didn't think so.
They have the best stuff and its all very inexpensive.Plus, I usually always have coupons or go during a sale.
For instance...
Last week it was all 40% off, so I bought a few things.
I make as much as I can as well... 
Like alot of my flowers. My budget does not allot for constant shopping.
But for all of you who think I have an infinite budget, I don't. Im just in the stores alot hunting for the best prices because when you have a family of 8... someone always needs something.
If you actually knew how little we spent on clothes you would be shocked. I know how to stretch a penny and I was blessed with an AMAZING shopping bargain gene.

Anyway, I thought I would share my accessories with you...

My headbands, hair flowers, flower pins and such...

My drawer full of bracelets and earrings.
My earrings are horribly disorganized but that circular holder was a gift from the hubs when he deployed to Italy. Its so special to me.

Some of my necklaces on hooks. It makes it sooo much easier this way. This is my side of the vanity so the hubz doesn't care how many necklaces I hang up... unless he needs to go in there for feminine products. Ha ha!!

So here we are accessorized....

Hope you all have a wonderful day today. Please keep remembering to pray hard for the people of NC who were hit hard with tornados last weekend. It could have happened to anyone of us!!


  1. Love your flowers!

  2. You are always so stylish. I need to make that more of a priority for myself.

  3. Love your style.... your flowers are fab.. and those glasses.. aaaah! U are beautiful! xo

  4. love all your accessories! you are adorable! happy wednesday! xo

  5. I love your style and your accessories!

  6. adorable... I like your haircut too.



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