Friday, April 22, 2011

Its A GOOD Day

Good Morning!! Today I am joining The Chatty Mommy for her Friday Follow. Go link up with her and check out everyones friday business... Ha!
Its 8:45 a.m and about 15 minutes ago we said goodbye to our latest houseguest Auntie Megan. Its been a long time since we have seen her, so this visit was nice. A bit on the boring side {sorry Megs..} but nice none the less.

While we were here she got to play with rifles, purchase an iphone and experience the dynamic trio otherwise known as my #3,4 and 5.
So it doesn't surprise me that when it was time to leave she blew some kisses and ran out the door. Ahhhh, we tend to have that effect on people.

Today is GOOD Friday. Did you remember??
Last night we stayed late at the church practicing for our Easter performance. I felt special. For me, I got to "Celebrate" Easter a bit early. Hearing and singing along to the special songs combined with the videos and drama presentation made me really soak in this remarkable holiday that gets overshadowed by a smelly bunny laying colored candy eggs.

As part of "The Passion" started playing (or at least I think it was the Passion??) and the worship team started singing I felt an overwhelming sense of Holiness. Right there on the Alter. I started thinking about some of the things I had learned in my Revelation class....

And again, I think I can only touch on the greatness of our God. I can't even imagine how heaven will be like... when we will be living in His presence  day after day.

So after a small glimpse last night, I will be entering this very special weekend with a whole different outlook.

The kids Easter baskets and small goodies wait in my closet until its time to lay them out on the table.
Tonight we will color eggs and spend quality family time together.

Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday and I can't wait!! The kids will be working on cards and homemade gifts for him. We have to run out and get his present later.

I will also be preparing our Easter meal tomorrow. Lots of prep so that on Sunday we can come home from church and just pop everything right in the oven.

My fav Italian and her family are coming over for Easter Dinner and then my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin will be joining us for a big dessert. 

The weather forecast looks warm and sunny.

And our Easter/Birthday weekend has officially begun!!!!

How are you spending this special holiday?



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  1. Happy Easter! YOur weekend sounds a lot like ours. :) It is the most meaningful and wonderful holiday, and I am excited to celebrate it once again.



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