Thursday, November 5, 2009


1) I have an insane addiction to my cell phone and texting (as seen by these pictures) and can always be found with phone in hand.

2) Im 33 but people always think Im younger and can't believe I have a 12 year old in youth group. I guess thats a good thing?

3) It took 5 kids for me to get addicted to coffee even though it makes me jittery and flutters my heart. It also keeps me going at an insane speed that baffles most. They wonder where I get the energy. My response... 2 cups of coffee a day!

4) I knew and know I was created to be hubbys wife. Period!

5) I never wanted kids growing up and almost got my tubes tied at 22 years old. YIKES!

6) Im addicted to HGTV's House Hunters and TLC's Little People Big World. I have tons of shows dvr'ed and if im watching tv, these will be the shows that are on. I watch them over and over again.

7) I wore my really cute maternity jeans last night to church because I still don't fit into my regular jeans yet. =(. Needless to say, they were a bit big and hopes I didn't show my booty-crack to too many unsuspecting people.

8) Hubby and I NEVER discussed how many kids we wanted in our marriage until about 1 year ago??? Seriously. It just never came up!!!

9)I have 1 older sister by 4 years who lives in NY. I miss her!

10) I have a gazillion sister-in-laws in NY (and Utah)... I miss them too.

11) I LOVE cats and once had up to 3 living with us. I wore hubby out and now we have none... with none in the distant future. I now pet-sit for friends to get my pet fix every few months.

12) My dream in life was to be a photo-journalist and travel the globe taking exotic pictures of distant tribes and rare animals. I wanted to dance around a fire in Africa and roam the jungles in South America. If that didn't work, I was going to be an Interior Designer in NYC.

13)I was raised with a very Italian family with very italian traditions and culture.. yet im not one drop Italian...which baffled sooo many. Im also half spanish which baffles people even more.

14) I accidentally snapped a picture of Jackie Kennedy Onassis on 5th avenue in NYC (my idol) and didn't know it until I developed the picture in my darkroom.

15) I love to read... love love love to read

16) I used to laugh at the homeschooling moms. Now Im friends with those moms I laughed at.

17) I can be vicious. VERY vicious. Its something Im not proud of but if ever in a situation where it might come in handy (danger and such...) I know I will come out on top!

18) I love church. Truly love going. I love being a Christian and having an unshakeable faith.

There you have it, some un-interesting facts about me.


  1. We have much in common:
    2, 4, 11, 12 {gorillas in the mist}, 13 {Spanish with natural blonde hair growing up baffled people},15, 16, 17, and of course, 18!

  2. Only 2 cups of coffee for that many kids??? You are my hero! LOL I drink the stuff by the gallon, and I only have one! :)

  3. Loved your post!! Got to know a lot more about you. Love the pic of you texting!:)

  4. I was surprised to see that you and I have those apple dishes in common in photo #2! Great minds...


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  6. love the list! And I LOVE reading too! *sending pregnancy vibes your way* :)



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