Monday, November 23, 2009

He's NO King Xerxes...

I have been finding out that my bad school girl habits have somehow lingered and found me in my adult years. Back in my college days, I spent my classes half listening, waiting for the last minute to do my work (except for my art classes) and then spending one night cramming a semesters worth of learning during an all nighter.
Fastforward time about (gulp) 13 years and here I am, in a great bible Study in my church, behind on my work. Last night, after a very compelling dvd lesson in my sunday school class, I decided it was time to play catch up! I sat on the couch with book and bible in hand and dug in. The information was amazing, and I realized I was the one who was gypping myself for letting this study slip thru my fingers.
I studied The Book of Esther and the contest for queen. My thoughts came to the show The Bachelor and how similar it was!
Hundreds of girls competing for one man, sharing one man and being nothing more than a pretty face.
Once she was chosen Queen, she went months without being in the Kings presence. How horrible.
We ended our lesson yesterday chatting about how empty their relationship was. She had to be called to him and often went months without seeing him... knowing full well, he was with other women.
It made me so thankful for the relationships of today. For MY relationship. For my Gapboy who loves me and actually wants to spend his days with me. I can go to him whenever I want. I don't need an invitation.
Many years ago, I received an Emilie Barnes book called "more hours in my day..." as a Christmas gift. At first, I tossed it aside. I hate organization and cleaning books. But this one caught my attention. I picked it up and read it straight thru in 3 days. It was amazing. Emilie touched my heart in many of her stories.
In one chapter, she talks about how to welcome husbands home. She recommends dropping everything and giving him a welcome home hug, kiss and cheers from the kids... every day! Most women would scoff at this advice. But not me! As Emilie said, He comes home to YOU every day after working hard. He doesn't have to. There are many other places he can go and other women who would be happy to welcome him into their arms, but he chooses YOU! So welcome him and show him you love him.
That is something I have been doing since my Emma was little. When hubby pulls down the block, cheers erupt in our home. The pitter patter of little feet echo thru our foyer and our front yard is flooded with kids of all ages. Daddy waves and smiles and the babies pound on his work truck until the door opens. The whole house breathes a relaxing sigh... Daddy is home!
Yesterday, I spent my day reflecting on the fact that my husband was NO King Xerxes. I thank God, I am no Queen.
I am simply me, with my Gapboy and together we are Thankful for each other.


  1. DO you think it is too much homework..the Esther bible study series? I was actually going to bid on ebay for the leader kit.

  2. We finished the Esther study two weeks ago. Keep going and you will be well rewarded.

  3. Love this post. I am married to a godly man, and I feel much the same way. Thanks for this post, though. It's so good to be reminded/confirmed. :)

  4. We do the same thing when Daddy gets home, we run out to greet him with cheers, hugs and kisses. It makes a big difference to everyone.

  5. What a great post! I love when my husband walks through the door every night and I make sure he knows it! I know how lucky I am!



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