Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Up and Vote!

 Election day sure has changed for me over the years. I went from placing my vote in my teens and early 20's and always voting my line. I was a 3rd generation im not tellin. My vote was easy and simple.

But as I got older, earned a higher degree in Life and common sense, Its now months of following the campaign trail. Visiting local rallies, and indoctrinating informing my children on how important it is to remain on the line we run.

Every 4 years it gets a little more intense.

This year is no different. My girls are teenagers. For my Emma, this is her last year NOT voting. She will be free to vote as she chooses. She will be a fresh young victim of this world to brainwash and pollute. Im using this last election, and these next 4 years to teach her what a huge impact 1 vote can have.

And even if it didn't have an impact...

Voting shows where this country's heart lies. What our main concerns are and what we really feel is important to us.

Thats how I vote. I can't be enticed by money or fancy words. My loyalty to my God runs deep and no tax cut can ever compare to turning my back...

Or helping my country turn my back on him!

Hubby and I just after we voted.
So, like a good little girl and boy, we trekked down the old country road where our polling place is and casted our vote.

Our polling place is an old country church down a small winding road. The cemetery resides next to the parking lot, full of past members of the community. Probably most of the community.

We go there quite often, the smell of the old church brings back many other voting days gone by.

I predict one day far from now, my wrinkly old hand will pull on the door of the church and with one whiff, I will be brought back to my "younger" years when I would drag the babies down to the voting polls.

I took a picture of me "casting" my vote but hubby kindly informed me that it was illegal. Darn it!

But our small voting place ran out of stickers.



Its the only reason I DO vote! 

Not really, but I do get giddy when I DO get to put one on.

I walked out pouting. I wasn't a happy camper...

Until I went to Bi-Lo

Hey, Im a loyal customer. I deserved something tonight..

Didn't I?




  1. We vote by mail in ballots now. I kinda miss the old days when I took my children with me to the voting place. Sigh! We did vote and am watching the returns...sigh! I vote as you do, what God would want and am still praying the right man wins. I won't tell either! Hugs and thanks for sharing. Yes, stickers are fun even as adults! Hugs!

  2. Good thing your children have you to teach, guide and support them about voting. We all should vote wisely. Our life depends on those officials. One vote can make a big difference in the world.
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