Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thoughts As I decorate...

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week. The Official kickoff of the holiday season. Usually my FAVORITE holiday...
Until the next one comes along. Then that one easily becomes my new favorite.
This year I am hosting Thanksgiving and I can't wait. My cousin and his wife, my friend Michelle and her family will also be joining us... along with my Father in-law and his wife.

18 people gathered to celebrate being Thankful. Its going to be FABULOUS!

This week I have been spending free time getting my Thanksgiving table ready. I waited until last minute (of course) to perfect the decor. Luckily my Hobby Lobby had 80% off Fall harvest decorations.

My chandelier is halfway done. I posted a picture of the base with the garland around it. Lots more *Bling* and sparkly will be added. I just need to make another quick stop to pick up something else...

Don't worry, I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished product. I still need to iron the table cloth, find my chargers and goblets and candlesticks. I can't wait to get it on my table.

The baking has already begun. Michelle and I are each making a turkey to combine at dinner...  and of course, one of every pie will be present at desert.

The kids table will extend out into our living room and a special thanksgiving craft will be found on each kids plate.

I can't wait!

My older girls had a babysitting job today. and my littles were on the computer reading books. The house was abnormally quiet as I wrestled wrapped the garland of leaves around my light fixture. Thanksgiving thoughts started entering my head and I really was humbled by all I can give thanks for. 

No, seriously... Think about it. Of course everyone has the basics of health, happiness blah blah blah but recently my eyes have been opened to a whole world of crazy.

Crazy homes, crazy families and crazy lives. Its really getting overwhelming sometimes.  It makes me thankful that I protect my kids from the craziness this world holds and that I guard who enters their life fiercely.

It makes me thankful that within the walls of my little red house, we can provide a shelter from the storm. A safe haven for our children...

Im thankful for the friends we have, even if they are few... they are good! Im Thankful for the family we are surrounded by and those that are near in our heart.

And most of all, Im thankful for our boring and traditional life.

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  1. I think your chandelier looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see it all sparkled! How fun to host Thanksgiving and what a great idea to have a craft at the kids table!



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