Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garden Update:

Our Raspberry bushes are sticks with big leaves on them! Yaa, they handled the transition well and all 4 are starting to grow leaves, Im so excited. 

The strawberry plants are beautiful. They are happy and getting big. Jason will be planting them in the ground today. We still have some composting and planning to do.

Yesterday 3 veggie plants became ours!! 2 Roma tomato plants and 1 banana pepper plant. We have to wait till next week to purchase the squash and eggplant. Its still a bit cold to put these small babies in the ground. They will be left in the sun during the day and brought into the warm house at night.

My Sunflower seeds, Brown Eyed Susan seeds and Morning Glory seeds have all sprouted on the west side of our house. The kids and I go out there every morning to water and see how big they have gotten from the day before. Its also a great way to teach botany to the little ones. I tell them how seeds and plants work. Molly really soaks all of this in! Once the seedlings get a bit bigger, I will post pictures of all of them.

We still have a LOT to learn about gardening in the South. This sun is strong and if we don't do everything just right, the sun will fry up these plants quicker than I can water them. We are all really hoping these plants survive this first year, but if they don't, its ok... we will learn from our mistakes and begin planning for the next year.

Pictures coming soon!!!

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  1. Do photos, I would love to see them...we have snow today so it would be fun to see plantings.

    Sunday Blessings
    from Roberta Anne



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