Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our Garden Goals...

Today was an extremely productive day for us! So much was done. The temperatures reached close to 80...which in the south equals HOT! Our skin has been hidden under sweaters and blankets so we soaked in those rays, dusted off the flip flops and got moving!! The sun was strong!! We woke up and ate a hardy breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast. The kids were dressed quickly and dispersed in several different directions. My neighbor offered to let the older girls hang with her kids while the younger kids jumped in our van and we went tree shopping.
 I have no words to tell you the joy I felt walking up and down the aisles of all that green lush foliage. Trees and shrubs and beautiful flowers surrounded me. The kids laughed and ran behind the trees and the birdies chirped away. It was a PERFECT day. Hubby and I spent way more than we should have but it was all worth it! We bought a tree! We both fell in love with a Yoshino flowering cherry tree and it became ours. We also bought some strawberry plants, some raspberry plants and some beautiful purple creeping phlox for the front garden. Those last ones came highly recommended from a friend we ran into while shopping. (strangely enough I tend to run into her almost everywhere I go??)
 For those of you that read my blog regularly already know our big plans to start our garden. We have some fruit bushes already and just need to acquire some vegetables. All in due time my friends. We are currently scouting out possible locations for our garden and sun patterns. This might take a bit.
 All in all, today was a productive day. Our new tree stands tall (well somewhat) and proud in our backyard. The kids helped daddy and I of coarse have every second on camera. The kids were super thrilled when I showed them the little red ladybug that I found on our new tree. 
" See guys, we picked the PERFECT one. This little ladybug now has a new home right in our own backyard.." The kids were very happy about that! I will post some pictures tomorrow. Im beat! The sun stole all my energy. My kids are upstairs snoring rhythmically to the humming of the creatures out the window. Tomorrow will be another great day which means more adventures outdoors for us. I can't wait!
 I now sit in my back porch and stare at my beautiful new tree. She has small buds on her branches. I pray she grows tall. I look forward to the many picnics we have sitting under her shade and snacking on fresh fruit still warm from the sun. Ahhh what could be better than that?
 I have big plans for my little red house. Plans that have been dreamed up and prayed about. Of coarse I will keep you posted every step of the way...
 Im off to bed now. Its been a long day and we lose and hour of sleep tonight. Im not happy! I enjoy my bed more than I should and savor every second in it. Im currently reading a book called... "In Every Flower..."  Its good, relaxing and so appropriate ...Goodnight xoxo

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