Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Signs Of Spring...

Snow may be covering the ground right now, but the signs of spring are just around the corner. The south is ready to bloom once again. The sounds of snow melting are all over. Buds are on the trees and warm weather is just hours away!! I can't wait! Im slowly trying to organize my garden. Jason and I decided to plant a small garden in our backyard this year. To experiment of coarse. Gardening in the south is much different than the north. So late one night as we were watching our late night scrubs we chatted about the earth. How we missed sun-riped tomatoes and warm eggplant. We knew instantly that we MUST plant again. We will include the kids in our endeavor and include it in our homeschool. What better way to study plant life and insects than by growing and nurturing them. It will be small, as its only our first one here. But it will be loved!!! I am currently "scouting" out the sun patterns on our property day and night to get the perfect spot prepared. We also bought some seeds for planting beautiful flowers. I bought some of my favorites and plan on planting them as soon as the temperatures are steady...
  My one side of my home will be filled with sunflowers of all shapes and sizes. The sun beats down on that side all day. What better flower than those? I will have a few fanned lattices to go along the side and it will be just precious!!!
 I have a few climbing vines for the back of my home and sprinkled here and there. Morning glories are quick growing and easy!! I have done them before.
 Now to just wait for the snow to melt, the ground to thaw and the sun to shine. Should not be long now!!!!

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  1. sweet can you come help me plant some stuff too ? ;) I am so terrible in that department!



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