Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Taco Night...

Wednesday nights are taco night in our house. Its a quick and easy supper to throw together. It also guarantees full bellies. Something about assembling the taco make my kids scarf down as many as they can.
 We had a full day today and I thought I would share some bits and pieces. We started with our pledges to the flag,bible and Christian flag, along with our family memory verse and started some spelling work. I started Molly on counting with her farm animals and she quickly caught on.
 The it was off to Wal-mart where we filled TWO carts with all sorts of grocery items. We were all excited to buy our veggie plants but then walked away disappointed because they STUNK!!!!
 While I happily re-organized and re-stocked our pantries, Hannah was busy making home-made bubbles to play with. She rocks!! The bubbles were huge and the kids had a blast. Now Im off to church. Always a nice highlight during a long week....


  1. I always love to come and visit. If my grand daughter's blogged I think it would be like visiting you.

    Roberta Anne

  2. Hey, you can also have your tweets (twitter posts) post to facebook. Pretty cool.



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