Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GapGirl Went Green...

We planted a tree!! Yes, I went green. Well actually, I didn't plant it for the environment nor did I plant it to help the ozone layer. I planted it purely for my own selfish enjoyment. I hate the color green and don't believe in global warming.... . I do however treat the world nice as it was made by our great creator.
Anywho... Our Yoshino flowering Cherry tree now stands proud and tall in our backyard. She is tiny but is a fast grower and will soon provide many years of shade and picnics for my family. We were so excited. We are still searching for the perfect name. We know it will come to us all in due time. Our little tree even has buds on it all ready to bloom for this year!!
We have our eye on a Cleveland Pear Tree. I think next week we might add another member to our yard.
So much landscaping needs to be done to our barren land. But soon enough it will be a shady garden oasis filled with sweet smelling beauties and climbing vines galore. For now our little Yoshino stands alone.

*** no, our grass in not dead. Its Bermuda sod and goes dormant in the winter. Soon it will be a lush green carpet.(well, it better be since thats what our lawn guy told us ;)


  1. I can't wait to see your yard as it progresses but I guess if green is not a favorite you will have to plant gobs of flowers to compensate. Purple looks really good against green. Fruit trees are fun.

    Roberta Anne

  2. Awe - how cute! I'm excited for you guys!



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