Monday, March 2, 2009

Someone Stole MY Dog...

HELP. What do I do??? SOmeone STOLE my doggie and WON'T give her back!!!! Ok, technically she was not my dog but in my heart she was ours 100%. She was sleeping next to my bed and I had already kissed her precious face a million times. Now what??
The story begins on a friday afternoon. Jason had off and we needed more fish so we were off to our favorite pet store. This place is great! The kids run thru as if they were in Disney world. Staring at all the "attractions." They have fish of all color and size, birds,frogs,snakes,lizards,spiders,mice,gerbils,cats,hamsters, and puppies!!! After my kids picked up (and dropped) a few little furry friends. We were off to see the puppies. In the window laid a cute tiny mini-schnauzer.(sp) We took her out and played. She was cute but we did not fall in love. We gave her back and went out for lunch. During our pizza fest Hubby and I chatted.
Me- "You know with 5 kids we are destined to get a dog. We can't NOT get a dog. That would be too cruel."
Hubby- "I know, I just don't want one. The schnauzer just doesn't do anything for me..."
Me- "I know...."
We left Stevi-B's full and confused.
Once we were home and the children were busy our search began. We decided to just pick a breed that would possibly suit our family. "WE are NOT getting one now..." Were our key words.
We stopped on Border Collie. The dogs were cute and the size were perfect. Hubby somehow reached the Carolina Border Collie Rescue. We searched thru the available dogs and came across a striking red wolf-like female. Her name is Selu. She was perfect. My eyes locked with hers and I read aloud her description..."blah blah blah, 4 years old, house trained,crate trained, knows commands, wise beyond her years,calm,great protector,great with kids...blah blah blah."
"SHE'S THE ONE" I yelled. Hubby commented on how beautiful and fierce she was. Even her name stood for something. Everything about her was perfect!
We got ready for bed and we headed in the bedroom.
"Oh hun. A dog like her would be a dream. I can see her protecting our children."
"Go ahead... fill out the application..."
I was as giddy as a schoolgirl. I quickly typed away and daydreamed on the ride up to the North Carolina mountains. She is being fostered there. I could not wait to hug and kiss her and welcome her into our family!!!
I checked my email all day. Waiting to hear back from her foster mommy. Finally the email came....
"She would have made a great dog for you but unfortunately she is in the process of being adopted...."
NOOOOO. I could not believe what I was reading. Her picture did NOT have an ADOPTION PENDING mark next to her. Why????
After a day or two I wrote her back.... If the adoption does not work out, please let me know!!!

The foster mom wrote back another kind email promising me to find me the perfect dog, Selu is doing wonderful in her new home and the adoption is being finalized.

I don't need help finding another dog. I already found her. Now what??? No other dog looks like her...My wolf baby.

We have decided to go thru with the application process anyway. We have a home visit in the near future and we will wait. We will work closely with the agency to find another dog. I doubt it will be possible to find another beautiful dog like my Selu. I will pray! I have faith that our perfect dog is out there somewhere... just waiting for our love....
So, if you have a wolf-like red dog that meets all of the above criteria, please let us know. We will adopt and love her.
In the meantime I will be sad =(. Someone stole MY selu and won't give her back.....

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  1. Oh that is the saddest story ever. I am so sorry and praying that there will be a perfect puppy out there for you.

    Have a Wonderful Day
    from Roberta Anne



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