Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Rainy Day:

Its a rainy day today....

The older girls are playing games on the couch.
The baby is crying
Daddy is in the bedroom
#3 and #4 are somewhere fighting

To Do List:

Clean kitchen from big Saturday breakfast.
Brown meat to cook in crock pot for dinner
Fold Laundry
Go to friends home to pick up some things
Stop at Aldi to re-stock "essentials"
Have hubby switch pantry locations (need something bigger)
Still plan garden/soil/raised beds and figure out what to do/where to grow them
Have Daddy explain how dams work (discussing the great big dam in China with the kids)
Get house and clothes ready for Sunday Church

Currently Reading:

Backyard Homesteading (we can't put it down)
Just In Case. How To Be Self Sufficient... (a great read)

* I gave away my Passionate Housewives Desperate For God to my dear friend who is moving to Alaska, So Im craving it. Add.., Pick up another copy.... to my to do list. This is a book you can never get sick of.

Oh, add "A Full Quiver " to my list of must reads... I keep telling Hubby that Sis Deborah could be right. She was a dear friend in our old church who came up to me after the birth of #5 and said..."your going to have 13 kids..." and then walked away...... Sigh.....

Well Im off to tackle this list and pray real hard for the rain to go away.....


  1. Loved reading and still have Quiver Full. Do you get the Above Rubies news letter magazine?

  2. I added that book to my wish list. It sounds wonderful and if you are going to replace it that is high praise indeed as I have only given a book once that I then replaced.

    Roberta Anne



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