Monday, February 23, 2009


Gosa-who?? That was one of the first things I blurted out the day Hannah kept telling me about someone named Gosalia. She was very excited to fill me in on everything she learned in Impact girls that wednesday night.
 "Are you sure thats her name? Where is she from?" I asked. 
 She continued to excitedly tell me about this poor girl in another country who has no mom or dad. She is poor! She hardly has food. Hannah talked about this little girl Gosalia. She took her favorite purse and a sharpie and created a collection for her. Inside was all the money Hannah had that day. Whenever she found change, she added that to her purse. I found Gosalia's name written on out school board under our prayer list. When we ate dinner, she thought of how her new "friend" did not have any meals like ours to eat. We prayed for her in the morning and at night. We talked about how her life could be.
 Finally wednesday night came and it was time to head to church. I found Hannahs leader and began telling her that Hannah had earned over $5 to donate towards "Coins for KIDS." I began telling her how much she cared for this little girl and how she will continue saving money to help her. I found myself crying like a blubbering fool. You see, I know my daughter and I know her heart. This kind of love and caring is typical. She is forever wanting to help someone else in need. She is always thinking of ways she can make someone's day a bit brighter. She has a true Servants heart. It dawned on me that God has a very special plan for my little girl. A plan that might take her far away from her safe home. Wherever God sends her, I know she will be safe because He is leading the way.
 In our Homeschool routine, we regularly pray for this little girl who lives in India. She has no parents nearby and resides in an orphanage. Her parents can't afford her. Missionaries have been warned about the severe violence going on and many missions trips have been cancelled due to the severe instability of their country right now.
 Its so important that we teach our children about the world. Americans are truly spoiled little children who value lcd screens over human suffering. If only we were able to see the world as it really is. We pray for these missionaries all over our world who risk their lives and families to help those in need. Many Christian missionaries are being killed and persecuted for their faith and beliefs. But their work continues. They have a message of HOPE to bring to the lost and hurting and nothing in this world can ever stop them. Please remember to pray for them as well and always be thankful for the life you lead.


  1. What a wonderful little girl you have there and what a caring heart you have too.

    Have a Terrific Tuesday
    from Roberta Anne

  2. Beautiful post...And the reminder to pray for missionaries is right on. We tend not to think of our days ahead which may (probably will) bring persecution back to a reality for all Christians but there are so many that are dying today over His Word. I wonder if I am doing enough.



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