Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Day In Lichtenfelt....

Yesterday was a gorgeous day around here. We had a bad case of cabin fever and I could not handle breaking up one more fight. The screaming had reached an all time high. It was time to hit the road. The west winds were blowing and my gypsy blood was activated. When spring winds blow a certain way I get the itch.... the itch to pack up the car and drive. I never have a destination... I just want to drive till I reach a foreign land. Back home I would drive out to Montauk and watched the ships.... Sometimes I would drive on the L.I.E... but would only be stopped by the fear of driving alone thru the city.
 Yesterday those winds were blowing. It was time to go. I called out to the kids to get in the van. We were leaving in 5 minutes!!! It was late in the day and domestic responsibilities stopped me from driving to the Red Rocks... so I settled for Lichtenfelt. Lichtenfelt is a cute little nursery that carried everything we would need to landscape our barren land. It was pretty empty so I set the kids free. They loved running thru all of the greenhouses and playing hide-and-go seek thru the bare trees. I took pictures of the shrubs and plants I wanted to buy and sporadically counted the kids.
 Before long it was time to go. As we headed for the entrance Emma squealed with delight. 
" Look Mom!!!" her voice could not hide her excitement. She found a "Secret Garden" that had hidden pathways. It was beautiful!! Breathtaking and so serene. In the middle of this green oasis lied a sandbox surrounded by old twisting vines still bare from winter. The kids enjoyed playing for a bit and I sat there listening to the fountains. 
 Soon we were off again running thru the "forest." Crocus were creeping up from the ground and I imagined how beautiful this would be in full bloom.
 I was so glad to capture this moment with my kids on camera. My tummy growled which instantly snapped me back into reality. It was time to head home. My driving adventures would have to wait until the west winds blew again. 
 Perhaps I should research a destination? Prepare for next time? Someplace the kids could run free...
 But that might take the adventure out of it, after all, you never know where the west winds blows...


  1. May God bless your little family, sweetie!

    Happy Valentine's Day
    --from Roberta Anne

  2. Way cute picture of all the kids!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love going to our local Greenthumb nursery. With all the beautiful colors and flowers. It refreshes me.



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