Friday, February 6, 2009

Bows Bows And MORE Bows...

Boy, am I in trouble!!! Today I went to Switch-a-roo's consignment sale. Its one of the finest sales in the upstate. I met my DiscoDiva there and we danced and shopped our way around the convention center. What Is a consignment sale you ask? I have no proper words to explain... it has to be experienced. In short, women sell their gently used childrens clothing,shoes,hats and toys and other women buy them. This whole world of consigning is new to me as NY DOES NOT offer any such thing. But in the South its as common as going to the movies... and a great way to get those highly coveted boutique dresses for half the price!!!
 Along with clothes and toys, several boutique vendors were set up. They had specialty handmade dresses,bows and bows and more bows, the cutest purses in the world AND specialty cakes and treats. I gathered business cards from all and chatted with some owners. I lost DiscoDiva at "Missy May's" Polk-a-dot Monogram booth. Little Miss Lilah now has the cutest dress in the world personalized just for her!!! I hogged up the bow booth where I drove the poor owner crazy trying to decide how many/what color/what pattern/what size to buy. My results are above... a few more to add to my collection. I believe my bow total is easily over 35 and rapidly growing.
 After that, I set my older girls loose. They were just dying to start shopping. I scored some awesome deals and only had to elbow a few women in my path ;). All my years of shopping finally paid off. I am able to scan the shelves and snatch up the cutest pink smock dresses faster than a frog catches a fly!!! Im proud.
 The lines are insane but we women wait and wait to purchase our treasures!!! The sale goes until Sunday afternoon. I highly recommend going. You won't be disappointed 
Be sure to check out KELLI'S HOUSE for more show and tells!!


  1. Cute bows! Girls must have bows!
    We have tons of consignment places here. They are fabulous.
    I'm glad you snatched up al the pink smocked dresses. If I can't go shopping there then someone better buy the pretties.

  2. Sounds like a great, fun way to spend an afternoon with your girls! My little one has no hair at all or I would be right there putting bows in it! Sadly consignment sales mustn't have crossed the ocean yet - will keep my eyes peeled!

    Blessings for the weekend to you and your family!


  3. Very cute bows. Congrats on finding them. We have those sales here and they are awesome. We bought a crib for $20 bucks for my house (I am the grandmother) My daughter got a high chair for $8.00. All because she was a first time mom and got in for presale. Really cool.
    My show and tell is isn't really girly today though. It is my first since Oct. I have missed everyone so much. Nice to meet you today.

  4. Holy Bows!!! Love them.

  5. love love love them of course ;) It is kinda funny did you notice the big bows on the little girls that were there today, I never thought I would switch over to the "bow" side but I did too and love it with the dresses ha!

  6. That's awesome! Glad you got to add to your collection!

  7. We have all kinds of consignment shops here in the south.There is a 3 day consignmemt sell here next month can not got some beautiful bows,my daughter has a thing about bows for her little girl's hair too.



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