Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To The Air We Go.... Perhaps???

Right after my hubby and I systematically spend our tax return, we start our list for the next years sweet rewards. We have an ongoing list taped to the inside of our pantry closet and cross off what we did/save/bought and blew! Its rewarding and exciting and depressing all at the same time. This years main goals were:
1) FENCE check
 and a few other things we managed to do and save for. 
 This got us thinking...Hmmm??? What can GapGirl's family do with next years return? We have accomplished so much. We purchased many big items, whats left? We sat around the table and it suddenly hit us!!! UTAH!! WE CAN VISIT OUR FAMILY IN UTAH!!!
Jason jumped on the computer and checked out airline tickets. After I regained consciousness from the astronomical price of SEVEN airline tickets, we came to the conclusion it would be worth it!!!  How exciting to pack up the kids, run thru airports and see family for a while.
 Our imaginations were wild. Our kids were older and so much more portable... oh the fun we could have!! We could show them the great Salt lake, the Rocky Mountains, Perhaps Idaho or even Yellowstone National Park...(only 5 hours away) dig for dinosaur fossils, see Buffalo and have a great time with family.
 "Its not a definite..." my husband kept saying. He is right, our big black van is getting old and very high in miles. We need to save up for a van, but I can see the gleam in his eyes....He would love to see his brother, his sister-in-law and that darling nephew. There are many issues to work out, after all I do have 5 kids to plan for and ALOT of saving to the car issue,sleeping,and all that jazz. Oh, and most importantly...I can't forget to ask my brother-in-law and Sister-in-law if it would be ok if we came next year and stayed with them ;)
....Krissy, do you think you would mind??? Hee hee. Its a good thing they do love us and read my blog as well....
 Its just a passing thought, a very good passing thought and with a lot of hard work, prayer and planning I'm sure I can convince the mister its a must AND make it happen.
Can you picture it??...GapGirl out in the wilderness... This calls for a new outfit! Something woods-y of coarse.... Watch out Utah.... We are coming!!!!!..... maybe....
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  1. Hooray! Utah is the best! We can't wait for you to visit! Out of all the places Neil has ever traveled, world wide, Yellowstone National Park is still his favorite place ever. He says it the geek in him - science every where you turn. Ha ha! It would be a rockin' home schooling adventure. Lets do it. :)

  2. GREAT way to go on your goals, that is something to be so proud of! I think what you have planned sounds great and I hope you can make your dream come true! (Let's just hope that gas stays relatively affordable...we want to vacation this summer, too!) Take care, Joni



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