Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HELP... A Friend In Trouble!!!

Oh No!!! I just read that my blogger friend lost PickleChips... her beloved fat orange cat... and you know how much I love my furry feline friends, so in honor of Maisy-cakes and Phoebe who I had to bid-farewell to on 2007... please pray Picklechips comes home to her pink bed. Read about Picklechips adventures HERE


  1. Your so wonderful.
    If we lived closer I think we may just be good friends. :)
    Tonight when we were coming home from my son's basketball game guess who we saw walking (strolling) down the sidewalk....PickleChips. My hubby stopped the car and I told him to jump out and grab him. Can you believe it...I haven't seen him for days. It's the prayers--I know it! BUT, he came home, ate and the left AGAIN. Ugh!!! Tomorrow I think I'll send hubby knocking on doors to ask if anyone is feeding my stinker. Notice I'm sending my hubby? :) I'm such a wimp sometimes.

  2. I have it on good authority that my first thoughts that PickleChips may be off with a lady friend were mistaken. Mr Chips has a lovely wife at home and is a stand up guy!

    Roberta Anne



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