Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Hairy #7

I often twitter tidbits on our newest addition. Our Kitty Link! 

You know, the twitter account you all follow right? Cause I always update my twitter. I do. Its easy and since my phone never leaves my hand, very very convenient.


Seriously. I could not have asked for a better cat. I think that has to do with the fact that I did NOT pick him out. I always pick out the psycho ones... really. 

This time I was left at home and I just got whichever one my husband thought would be a perfect match. He walked into the humane society, made eye contact with each kitten and this furr ball must have not blinked or something because immediately hubby said " THIS ONE." and voila...

a perfect pet!

Well, almost perfect. I recently explained to the children what the meaning of 

"curiosity killed the cat..." meant.

And how it directly affects link. As his curiosity has already made him rip through his 9 lives. I swore I was going to open my suitcase in FLorida and have him POP right out... or the dryer, the washer, the dishwasher... you name it.

There may or may not have been many times I walk down the hall and I see a paw or tail sticking out of a closet. A desperate attempt of waiving the white flag for help. How he got in, only God knows.

Trips outside are quick and strategically planned as he KNOWS when we are opening the front door... and anything that moves instantly becomes an imaginary enemy who most be destroyed....

But on the flip side, when he is tired and needs to sleep, he cuddles over to the nearest lap and purrs himself into a deep slumber. The crook of your neck is his favorite spot.

My Hannah and Him have a special relationship. This may or may not include her doing the Tangowith him in the living room. He knows when she picks him up... to just go with it. When she walks in a room, he jumps up and follows right at her heels... and every night, when he knows its bedtime he reminds her of their routine. She quickly scoops him up and up the stairs they go for snuggles in bed....

They are bonded. and they are friends!

"HANNAH your boyfriend went in the baby's crib again..."

Thats what we call him and she knows its time to hunt him down to get him out of his latest mess.

Its sweet and I am so thankful he fits so well in our little Red {crazy} house!!!

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