Monday, August 29, 2011

My Famous Last Words...

"Im Back" just might be my most famous last words... after all I think I might have used them on ten more than one blog post.

And for that Im sorry. For once I was a faithful blogger and I truly am trying to be that again. Now that school is in full swing and a some-what schedule is starting to form, that just might be on the horizon. One can hope and pray!!! I really hope so. I miss sharing with you all and visiting you all as well.

So, grab a hot cup of coffee and sit back. I plan on filling you in on everything that has been happening in our Little Red House.

We started our 2011-2012 homeschooling year 2 weeks ago. To be honest, This might be our last year. After many prayers and seeking answers, This last year might be a stepping stone for public school. It breaks my heart to think so but if God calls me to put them back in, then I will listen. In the meantime, We are still finding avenues to take that might make it otherwise and I am enjoying my children. I have 4  school age kids. 1 HIGH SCHOOLER, 1 middle schooler and 2 elementary. My oldest is taking online school which works out GREAT for the pocket but I had a hard time seeing how it would work. We had a rough start but now its pretty awesome. She has lots of interaction with her teachers and her classmates and lots of help... more than I can ever give her. So, this year is covered in prayer and we shall see where next year takes my precious chick-a-dee's and our Little Red House.

On a lighter note... I got A NEW BIBLE!!!!


you remember my old one right? And you all know how much I hate change, so this was a HUGE thing for me. I mean, for 22 years I have studied in this book. It brought me thru summer camps, marriage, moves, baby births, vacations, deaths, sorrows, happiness. I knew verses based on the crinkle of the page.... and for me change is NOT something I welcome. I need time. Lots of time to think about the possible upcoming change. And I did... about 2 bible studies ago I knew the time was imminent. ( Or perhaps it was when the cover fell off??) who knows. But the thought has been on my mind. Then during the last bible study I knew it had to be done. By the time the study was over, I was excited to start the shopping!! Hubby took me (after a yummy breakfast date) and he was so patient as I sat there and poured thru all the bibles that were at my fingertips. It had to be a certain size, thickness, print. The page had to feel a certain way, had to be NIV and I needed LOTS... I mean LOTS of study notes.
I finally found my book. It not only fit every qualification but the study notes, cross reference and extras were more than I could ask for. It is "The Case For Christ Study Bible." and it is PERFECT!!!

Isn't she a beauty? I even got my whole name engraved on it. Hubby made me do it right away to make sure I didn't drive myself crazy and return it ( he knows me so well.) I get so excited every time I open it up to read it although I must confess, a new bible has me lost a bit. Sometimes I swear some books were left out of my bible because I can't find them anywhere. LOL. Oh, does it need to be broken in.

My Miss. Molly started gymnastic last week. Its a homeschool class filled with other girls around her age. She loves it. My Molly is an original!!! She is forever jumping and flipping and trying to fly. So Im hoping this class will properly train her so I don't catch her jumping off the roof one day... or if she does... she properly dismounts. Ha! The class is also filled with wonderful Christian homeschooling moms so that hour of chit chat fellowship is just what the Dr. ordered!!!

On a not-so-bright note. My sweet Long Island home town got hit with Hurricane Irene this weekend. Thanks to Facebook and texts, I was able to really get a minute-to minute update on all of my dear friends and family. Some escaped without a scratch and others, like those in my home town...were not as blessed. Many homes are flooded, without power and have massive tree damage. These 2 pictures below are from my younger sister in law. We lived next door to each other in NY and these pictures are of my old block. We lived close to the water and the high tides and flooding brought the water only 1 block away from where we used to live. So, before you complain that Irene was a sissy... please remember all of those that just lost sooo much....

And of course, how can I not give a Link update?? We are on month 2 since he entered our lives and quite honestly, I can't imagine him not being in our chaos. But this picture describes our night perfectly. I bunker down in bed ( in the dark because Sweet P still sleeps with us) with the TV on low... and he is right there next to me purring up a storm. Its a nice ending to most crazy chaotic days.

Oh... real quick... who out there is addicted to Words with friends???

well, I may or may not have about 18 games going with different people....

but who's counting?

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  1. TOTALLY addicted to words with friends. :)

  2. OMG! When I get my new Bible all I want to do is SIT AND READ IT.. write in it... takes notes from it. :) HAHAHHA! LOVE YOURS! Mine is very similar. Which... makes me know that we would be BFF's in real life. ;)

    ALSO... I Want to know more about your "WING NIGHT" I'm thinking about starting something like that for my fam-bam!

  3. Good to hear from you. I recently bought a thinner NKJV Bible. I wanted a smaller one to take with me places and for taking to church. I have one but it's too heavy to take. My friend, Tamara, and I like to use them for Bible study. I found a nice slim one, with silver on the edges and it's a beautiful mauve color. It's taken me awhile to get used to finding books as it's slimmer than most Bibles I use. Like you, it feels like there's books missing but there aren't. I bought this the day prior to Easter, on our way home from our trip to the coast. So it's a special Bible since we'd attended a Good Friday service that will remain with me forever, when we were at the coast. Then an awesome Easter Sunday at our church. Enjoy teaching the children. Homeschooling isn't easy but it's a phase of life and sometimes it has to change. As parents you know best so stick with what you believe! Hugs and happiness. Thanks for sharing photos of Hurricane Irene.



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