Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Easter

Honestly, Easter kind of snuck up on me this year. I feel bad that I didn't do as much with the kids as I always plan.

I even may or may not have almost forgotten to read them some of their favorite Easter story books...

Although, the real reason for Easter is always talked about in our home.

Despite the pathetic lack of planning, we did manage to cram some fun stuff in a few days before and hopefully my children were none-the-wiser that their Mama is one big SLACKER!

Eggs were dyed and dad rejoiced every time one broke...
Cause that means he gets to eat it!

Hard boiled eggs are his FAV!

Our huge collection of plastic eggs were rinsed off and counted to prepare for our annual "morning egg hunt."

And baskets were stuffed with goodies and placed in their spots to greet them on Easter morning.

Easter morning went well and surprisingly smooth. I have a feeling some dear ladies were praying for me and my sanity that morning.;)

I did manage to buy everyone new dresses/shoes or whatever else were needed and off to church we went. The feeling of holiday in the air and a special presentation waiting for us to see.

The rest of the day was spent quietly. Our children played outside and Hubby and I watched from my favorite green chairs. They laughed and played and hubby also planted some new blueberry bushes. We discussed our spring garden and named a big fat bee that lives in our azalea bush.

Link the cat lounged in the screen porch... tired from all the hunting he did of all the bugs he can't catch from being locked in the screen porch...

And Little P learned to climb UP the slide in nothing but her diaper. We all gathered around her as she climbed up and threw herself down laughing the whole way.

All in all the day was so GOOD.

Really good.

A day I wanted to capture in a mason jar and never forget.

How was your Easter Sunday?




  1. It sounds like a lovely Easter! We had a wonderful one as well, in fact the kids had so much fun that 2 of the 3 fell asleep in the car on the way home!

  2. Sounds great!
    We still haven't colored eggs!
    And the kids are still talking about doing it. lol

  3. it has been so long,first CONGRATS on #7 we to found out(after christmas in Jan)that we are expecting #2 in Sept.So many bloggers I follow are due around August and Sept.Yourhubs must be thrilled to finally have more testorone in the house,lol.I am so happy for your guys,
    I had to double take on the pic of the girls with the Duggar girls,that must have been special.

    Is the Red House getting cramped now.

  4. I just thought you should know that I loved reading your blog and miss your posting :(
    Congrat's on #7. Hope you are feeling good !

  5. I also miss your posts! :( Please update! :)



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