Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Does It Have To End?

I love summer. I really do.

Especially this summer. This past year has been beyond a challenge in homeschooling. Not sure why? Perhaps the huge range in grades, the new baby, the noise level, the {gulp} inability to remember basic 8th grade math..

or quite frankly

could care the less to re-learn 8th grade math.

Yeah, maybe the latter was more truthful. None-the-less, I think I out ran the kids when it was time to put the books down and race to the pool.

But 2 months have passed and that dun-dun-dun... dreaded day is almost here.

Well, maybe I should re-phrase that for the opinionated haters out there...

Im not completely dreading it as im not ready to kick them out the door to public school just yet. I hold firm and steadfast to my beliefs. But things are changing in our little red house. Time to switch it up a bit and greet this next school year completely different than how we left last year.

Im a bit excited and nervous to begin. Im putting a lot of HOPE in some new choices and I have been praying hard that they are the exact answers I need.

I also will be drawing strength from a very dear friend of mine. She doesn't know it yet... But I have an earful for her when we are able to finally coordinate schedules.

I have found that homeschooling can be a very lonely world.

Unless you do it, you just don't get it....Because the reasons why you do it are the reasons why!!

Does it make sense?

Anyway. Thats where I am right now...

I am slowly picking up the schoolbooks with my rising 2nd grader to do some review and get the gears going... you know, the gears that are rusted from chlorine and sun..

Oh that glorious sun. ;)

Link is awesome. Every day the kids find out his new likes and dislikes. For instance...

He likes being put in a bucket...

and swung gently back and forth.

Like a swing...


He loves it.

and if you go on the ground and pretend your a cat...

he FREAKS out and starts playing... its so cute.

and then he gets tired and looks for a warm lap to cuddle up in.

We love Link!

We also bought 2 new Crepe Myrtles for our backyard. They are * PINK *. 

I can't wait.

1 will be used to help shade our patio. It gets full afternoon BLAZING sun.


But hopefully that will be changed... once it grows and grows.

Im being a fickle pickle with my blog postings... 

Sorry about that.

tanning and swimming  enjoying the summer will do that to ya.

But I'm pretty consistent with my twitter...

so follow me and maybe I can get my act together.

What about you?? What have you been up to?




  1. Just ordered all my homeschool curriculum and spent way too much money! but i always love getting those boxes in the mail : )

  2. I love crepe myrtles! I cried when I left my old one at our former house. I planted it 6 years ago when Jayce was a baby. Sometimes I drive by the old place just to look at how beautiful and big its become!!

    So, any neighbors or church friends that you can set up a homeschooling co-op with for the older kids? My friends in Texas found it was just the perfect thing they needed when their kids hit the upper grades. My friend taught one subject to her kids and a couple others and sent her kids to the other house for a couple of subjects.

  3. Blessings on your new year...been there, done that, and remember each transition. Even after 22 years straight of home schooling we have a new transition this year..still home schooling one (K) and another off the public high school..a first for us.

    Oh 8th grade was always our survival year, don't know why, maybe the hormones of a teen...but all five survived and went on anyway.



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