Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello my dear bloggy friends. Its MONDAY and surprisingly im quite chipper.. which is NOT the norm. Especially since I had an appt. with the dentist this morning..


But I SURVIVED!! I did. I go to a GREAT place. They are on the posh side and cost a bit more BUT they specialize in cosmetic dentistry... and neurotic women.


So for the higher price, I get babied and pampered  AND guaranteed I feel NO!!! PAIN!!!

That still didn't stop me from crying the minute they called my name to go back. Im serious. 35 years of life experience went right down the drain as I was walking the green mile down the hall. The sweet girl asked how I was doing and before she knew it I was a blubbering mess.


I was getting a crown.

And I was scared. I don't think I have seen anyone slap the gas on a nose so quick. And I don't think anyone else sucked down that sweet air any faster.

But we got to chatting and before long I was as high as a kite relaxed and ready. I think I convinced her to take her kids on a DISNEY cruise by the end of the visit. And I kindly told my dentist that taking his wife on a vacation where she had to vacuum...

wasn't a vacation.

But grace was extended as he kept pumping that stuff higher and higher after I claimed it wasn't working.

When I went to get up to visit the restroom mid crowning...


So, The gas will be used at all dental visits even though it didn't do what I expected it to do and I was still a bit anxious... but calm enough that my reflexes were not hitting his face.

Now that the dreaded visit is behind me, I can focus on my vacation coming up in a couple of weeks. I CAN'T WAIT!! Seriously. I need it. We need it.

This past saturday night during WING NIGHT... sweet cuz (who is a web and branding consultant) branded me with a logo for my travel business...

I have a webpage. and my logo ROCKS!! The webpage needs work and right now it will just link you to my FB page where its updated MANY tines a day with the latest deals. Believe it or not, FB is where I get ALOT of my business and its easy to get the word out about FAB-U-LOUS deals and steals.

SO if your kind, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. =))

Let me know how you like the new logo...

and remember... no haters.k?

But Im off. Half my mouth is still numb and I have to attempt to eat.

I kept thinking I was in pain and he kept giving me more Novocain to shut me up...

Did I mention Neurotic??

Yeah. I own it.

Have a great day




  1. If I was there with you, not sure if I would hold your hand or tell you to man up...
    very proud of you though.

  2. I love new look! :) BEAUTIFUL! :)



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