Thursday, July 7, 2011

Into The Woods...

For those of you who are just not cool don't follow my twitter, do not know that we had an experience with nature this past weekend.

Friday night, after hubby came home from work, he set up his new 8 person tent.

Um, yeah... 8 person but I can guarantee maximum capacity will never go over 7....

Anywhoo... the littles were as excited as could be. The firepit was lit and the smores came out. They played in the dark and counted the starts. By 10 pm, I handed out kisses and retreated back in the house to watch the baby. Yeah... thats it. Cause the baby just can't be outside. Yeah... thats it!!

But I showered the wilderness off of me and retreated to my comfy bed and my beloved DVR.

By 11, my sweet hubby was carrying them in 1 by 1. My big girls were already whining about missing their beds and the fire was out.

Our night under the stars was over.

Yup, thats about as country as we get!

And here are some pictures of my baby P. Who is almost 9 months. I have a real hard time with the 9 month mark.

But I will save that for another day

Isn't she cute?



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