Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I want to start out saying I love all my children and have no favorites... but this blog is dedicated to my #2...Banana...
 Where do I begin? How do I start describing my Banana head? I guess from the beginning. Hannah was a complete unexpected surprise. Emma was 9 months old, I was happy being a mother of one and then Jason came home from a long deployment. 9 months later I welcomed a baby girl. Our first 3 days were not good ones. She screamed the entire time, threw up all over and screamed some more. She was bald and teeny-tiny and I loved her! I later found out she was allergic to milk,switched her formula and life was a pleasure. She was an extremely independant baby. At 4 months I could no longer hold her while she ate. She insisted in being propped. Im serious!! I would try to feed her and she would scream and yell and thrash around. I would then place her in her carseat, pile up the blankets and she was thrilled. At 9 months she suddenly decided she didn't need the blankets or the car seat. From that second on she would not tolerate a minute in that seat. She would demand my attention...not by screaming but just saying my name deep and loud. "MAMA." Thats Hannah. She knows what she wants and gets it. I attended her field day today. She was so happy to see me and the babies. She ran over and just hugged and kissed everyone. She scooped Abigail in her arms and went to show her off. Pretty soon the field was empty and I had a sea of 3rd graders swarming my stroller. Hannah's love for her family is contagious and everyone wanted to see the special people that Hannah always talked about. Hannah is the best big sister any kid could dream up. She has endless hugs and kisses, she sings for them, dances for them and reads them stories. The moment I bring a new baby home...it becomes hers. I sometimes kid around and say If I should die the kids might not miss me because they will have Hannah. She gets straight A's in school and always is the first to get ready in the morning. She is up with the sun and before I can wipe the sleepyness out of my eyes she has Molly and Noah at the table eating breakfast. "HI MOM" is how I get greeted. Always a smile and always wanting to help. She showers me with love notes and always asks if I need her help.She is getting so big so fast. I was staring out at her playing today and realized pretty soon she will be grown up. I almost started to cry right there in between the 3 legged race and the egg toss. How can I ever say goodbye to my Banana? It would be like saying goodbye to the sun. I will tell you one thing though, whoever married her is one lucky guy. She has it all and I will make sure he knows that the moment he enters her life. My Hannah will be a wonderful friend, woman, wife and mother hands down. She tells me all the time she is never leaving me, she says she will build a home right next to mine and come eat my dinners every night. I know that won't happen but deep down I pray it does.


  1. Ahh, Hannah Banana. She IS awesome. Too bad I'm going to be stealing her to come live with me in a few years. Tisk tisk.

  2. I had tears in my eyes reading that...

  3. what a sweet blog about Hannah, she reminds me of my second Lukas he always says he wants to live right next door to us when he gets big and gets teary eyed at the thought of leaving us one day, such sweet blessings they are!

  4. That was SO awesome! I'm so happy to learn more about Hannah! I also got teary eyed. What a sweet little girl!



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