Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Memories

                                                            Molly digging in sand
                                                       A very happy Muffet
                                                 My three princesses...
                                            You know your in the country if...a tractor blocks traffic!

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! What a beautiful day we had in the Upstate. Our morning was pretty uneventful. We played and I spent too much time prepping for the afternoon events. Give me a break. I have a small army and we need certain "equipment" to attack and invade properly. When strategically planned our missions are successful! Within five minutes of arriving Molly was covered in dirt and the kids were off. We found perfect shade...yet again and were able to enjoy the company.  Our hosts live out in what I consider the country. A beautiful house they literally built themselves on 5 acres. In one corner they have a play area for the kids and then on the other side is where they had a huge bon-fire pile. A nice pot-luck gathering with friends and fun. We chatted with Susan and met her husband. She just got back from camping. She has 4 BOYS!!! I could only imagine the stuff that goes on in her home!!! Our neighbors were there as well. A very brave pair who decided to spit out 4 kids in under 4 years. They win a medal HANDS DOWN!!! I look at them with all there cute kids, bags,coolers,blankets,strollers and just think...they are nuts!!! I would NEVER have all those kids so close together. I then turn around and see my five dirty faced screaming snot nosed blondies and think..."oh yeah... Im like that too." LOL!!! The kids ate too much Jello and not enough veggies. They played on the playground and jumped thru the sprinklers. I usually love BBQ'S but country outdoor cooking brings a whole new dimension to things. I would never consider myself a city girl. I always thought I could hold my own with the best... But im starting to re-think my theory. I think EVERY specie of BUG landed on me in a matter of 4 hours. Im not kidding!!! Small winged things, large winged things, spiders with wings, ants with wings. I felt like it was the LIVE version of Miss. Spiders Sunnypatch. YES, I had bugspray but I hate the way that smells and makes your skin feel sticky. I had really nice body spray on and the two would clash!!! All in all it was a great afternoon. We had to leave before the start of the fire but we left with full bellies and smiles!!! Thanks Chris and Amy for opening your home and your bugs to the WYLERS!!! =)

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  1. I love the picture of Abby! She's SO CUTE! And so big!!!!



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