Saturday, May 24, 2008

Its getting better!!!

See! I added pictures. Not bad. It only took me 9 months!!! Im liking this...I used to blog on myspace quite frequently and had a faithful following. My poor fans will miss me dearly. I must let them know I moved. I can add this to my list of hobbies now. I have always kept a journal. Thats nothing new. I swore I would NEVER start online. Even back when the internet was just starting. I swore I would never forsake the pen and paper. Nothing could be better that old fashioned muscle cramps and smeared ink. Like Joe in Little women, ink stained hands were my trade mark. I also swore off digital cameras. We inherited quite a few and I quickly hid them under the couch along with all the other junk I owned. Out of site out of mind. Jason would forget we had them and I could continue using 35 mm film. Don't be quick to judge. I spent years in the darkroom nurturing negatives. My hands were burnt and chapped from spending hours in developer and fixer. I was going to travel the world capturing exotic moments on good ol fashioned FILM!!! But that theory went out the window as well.A year ago ... almost to the day.... I became a digital ADDICT! The photographer in me has emerged but instead of taking photos of african tribes dancing thru fires... I take pictures of my five beautiful children who at times (especially after playing outside and eating ice cream) do resemble the strange people I longed to photograph. So there you have it,  a quick background on why it took me so long to start this page and why. I know you were just dying to know. I will be posting many pictures in time. A few weeks ago we were driving thru the country and I saw so many beautiful sites only seen on movie screens. I vowed I would capture them on film. I decided to make a photographic journey of the South. A state Jason and I have loved for many years but never realized. This placed crawled in our hearts back in the mid-nineties and nestles herself there quite nicely. Enough for now. I am house sitting two toy taco bell dogs and they need some TLC. Until next time.....

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