Sunday, September 16, 2012

Way Down South In Brooklyn

In Brooklyn NY, neighbors are friends and friends are neighbors. Moms scream out the open windows at their kids, food is exchanged between apartments and waves from the front porch are a common sight. Kids run in and out of various houses and bikes decorate lawns sidewalks.

This past Saturday my favorite Italian and I are resurrecting Brooklyn in the south!

She officially became a resident of our block and now lives directly across the street from me!

For the next 2 years at least.

See?? Thats the view of her house from my front porch.

We spent the weekend helping them move in. All 9 kids ( minus Caleb) ran back and forth from both houses while Michelle and I took turns screaming out the window to 




Good 'ol Cuncle was here too, carrying the heavy furniture and supplying us with fresh jokes.

You can read more about who he is HERE

As the sun was beginning to set and their house continued to resemble cardboard chaos, Aunt Diana and Uncle Joe came over to continue helping.

She slipped a tray of lasagna into their fridge. I had plans to slip it back out and into mine when they weren't looking, but never got around to it.

Shhh, don't say anything.

They also live on our block... just 5 houses to the right. Aunt Diana supplies us with late night banana nut bread and stuffed peppers.


Im sure I have been caught by more than one neighbor running down the street in my leopard slippers for a late night pick-up!

Anyway, it was a perfect Brooklyn-like evening yesterday. The day was coming to a close and the kids still ran amuck through the streets.

Aunt D, Michelle and I stood on the front lawn chatting about everything, and the guys continued to unpack.

We are a loud bunch and in the 24 hours since the move....

kids and food have already wandered back and forth.

You know....

Like the good ol days, before people became recluses and locked themselves in their houses.
And if you drive by our neighborhood and hear some moms screaming out the windows...
Just pay no mind....
That's just me and my favorite Italian...
Bringing some loud, NY goodness to the sweet, southern south!




  1. It sounds divine! How wonderful having your dear friend move in right across the street and to have family so near by!

  2. fun times with a good friend just across the street. Loving the food sharing. All good. Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you are up and doing well!



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