Monday, October 1, 2012

Im Getting Sssslllleeepppyyyyyy.......

Its a perfectly awesome rainy monday in my corner of the world. I was actually able to get more than a few hours of consecutive sleep and thanks to the darkness and rain, my kids slept in just a bit. I attribute it all to prayer... lots of prayer. I collapsed into bed last night simply exhausted from the daily grind, praying that my morning would not be a glimpse of hellish chaos that was last week....

Me in a coma, Baby Caleb screaming, Penny tearing the place up and my kids asking me too many questions that I could not answer due to sleeping brain cells. Yup. Thats what my mornings looked like last week and I would not have a repeat. So I prayed. Hard.  As hard as I could for the 45 seconds I remained conscious. 

And God, so graciously answered me. Prayer DOES change things.
I also prayed that God would help me find my 2 missing shirts. Long story... but I figure if He can part the waters, my lost shirts should be a piece of cake. Im just afraid He might lead me to the back of my freezer or inside my fireplace... another reminder what lack of sleep can do to a momma. Did I mention I misplaced a 1/2 stick of butter while cooking sauce last night?

I still can't find it. Sweet hubby promised he would find it before Miss P fingerpaints with it. I think the hubz has come to realize I have lost my marbles too.

But thats ok. I know this season is temporary... My last season of newborn-ness and my last Babymoon.

Im reminded every time I walk into my closet and stare at my pile of maternity clothes. I cleaned my closet yesterday while searching for those missing shirts. It came out quite nice but I don't know what to do with that one pile.

The pile I will never ever get to wear again.

Yeah, Im still dealing with closing that chapter of my life.

I know most of you don't understand and won't understand either. Just like you can't comprehend having 7 children... but thats fine. I don't expect you to.

But I can't bear to give them away. Not yet.

But life goes on and today is October 1st! Another big day in our Little Red House. As tradition says, tonight we gather around the TV and watch " Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and drink Hot cocoa. My daughters friend is sleeping over and she will get to partake in the tradition too. Perhaps a little bit of Monkey bread will be served as well.

Today starts all things pumpkin and scary. Tricks or treats and candy corn. Our little red house comes complete with a Big fat black Cat.

Yes, Link is still here. But just because of this girl:

She loves that furball more than life.

She claims SHE is his Mom because...


He pooped outside of his litter box again and he almost became a lawn ornament...

I mean, who would know it was really a real cat with Halloween approaching and all. 

I can claim insanity...

I plead 7...

or just deny...

"What cat??"

But for now our little lion roams the halls of our house still. His days might be numbered if he can't control where his hairy butt lowers.

Off I go. My kids are eating out of the cheerio box as I try to type this blog and half of them are on the floor. . School is almost done for the day and 8+ grilled cheese sandwiches need to be made.

I know what your thinking... DANG... and I know what your going to ask...

YES! Its hard. But aren't all things in life that are GOOD and PURPOSEFUL hard?
I wouldn't change it for a second.

I wish you all could have a taste of the blessings that abound among the mess.
The fun we have, the loneliness we will never experience...

Yes, please, come over and have a big slice of my pie...

and while your here, I will slip away for a nap!




  1. I'm quoting you and posting it: "Aren't all things in life that are GOOD and PURPOSEFUL hard?" A great reminder. Maybe you'll forever be known for this quote! Don't forget me when you're famous. ;-)

  2. Love this too-"Aren't all things in life that are GOOD and PURPOSEFUL hard"-you made me laugh today....even through the chaos...I love my 9 children!!!1

  3. Wow....what a week you had. Glad you are feeling better. Maybe it's the time of the year. I was tired last week and finally realized I needed to get to bed a bit earlier and it is helping. Being a mom is stressful but fun. I had two children and enjoyed it and with more than that, so what? Motherhood is great for the most part and glad that we had children, even though I wanted more and my husband said no more. I didn't like that at all and was sad but ok...I dealt with it...always wanted 4 but not what he wanted. Oh well, we love our 2 adorable grandchildren and daughter in love. Hugs!

  4. I loved this post! I had a similar day yesterday with my 3 little ones. I just came back sunday from a very stressful conference in which I slept an avg of 3.5 - 4 hours a night and had a crazy day with the kids. Thanks for your words and encouragement :) so happy you are writing on your blog again!



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