Saturday, October 27, 2012

The P. Report...

After looking back at the blogs between Penelope's first and second birthdays, I shamefully realized I have not filled you in at all with what has been going on in our sweet P's little life.

Shortly after P's 1st birthday, she was diagnosed with severe oral aversions and sensory issues. Basically, to sum it up quick, she doesn't eat normal food. I have attached a link above that really nails the definition. We are not sure where it came from as none of my other 6 kids have/had it but she did have severe reflux as a newborn. We are thinking that might be it.

Anyway, the road with P has been a special one. Starting at 9 months old when it really clicked in for me that she had issues.
Dispite scares and tears with weight loss and numerous drs visits, avoiding feeding tubes and surgeries, all other developmental milestones have been exceeded with flying colors.
She forever entertains us with her singing and dancing and has all the neighborhood kids wrapped around her little finger.
Everyone who meets her falls in love with P!
And everyone knows our P is a special little girl!

She has been in therapy for almost a year now...

With 2 of the most amazing occupational therapists a mom could ever pray for.
2 caring women who come twice a week and really care.

But after a year of never going beyond stage 2 baby food...

We took the next step.

P was accepted to a center downtown this week where they will focus on intense therapy 2-3x a week... along with her at home visits. Im excited and aprehensive all at the same time. This new therapist is great and really knows her stuff. I gave her my own evaluation this week when we met. But she is hard core. Our P does not like hard core. She has developed anxiety with anything mouth related... and as a mom, I get my back up when my baby gets nervous. 

A nutritionist was also brought on the team. All will co-ordinate therapy lessons to continue to GET P TO EAT!! NOT just baby food but mommas homemade steak and chicken and all the other meals her siblings enjoy.

After all, does she even realize how delicious Publix fried chicken is??

 Im so thankful for these services though. Thankful that they are just as passionate as I am to get her through these issues. It might take years, but with their help and referrals to other food clinics, I know I have other options besides feeding tubes 
(which has been discussed and avoided at all costs!!)

A swallow study at the hospital will also be done in a few weeks just to make sure all is well. Her therapists are very very thorough and want to make sure we are not missing anything.

But thats the latest for all of you out there in bloggy-land. I know many of my Facebook friends have been tracking Penelope's development and have been praying for her.
I THANK YOU for that. 
Im thankful that she is overall healthy. I know many other children out there have it much much worse and my heart breaks for them.

If you can remember, shoot a quick prayer up for our P, pray that one day she WILL know the excitement of going to McDonalds.

Thanks my friends. Have a GREAT weekend.




  1. We dealt with the same thing with Jayce. GO google SOS feeding therapy right now! It is the best!! And P will not mind it in the least! Its all about sensory play with food and getting her to trust that you are not going to force anything on her. The Speech therapists at Spartanburg Regional are trained in it. See if Kidnetics in Greenville can do it, too!

  2. My cousins son has severe food aversion. He is now 13 and quite tall. He still have a very limited diet. He does drink a special shake with lots of good stuff and eats, of all things, burger kings chicken nuggets! Other than that he won't allow anything else to touch his lips, he is a well adjusted teenager however and he never had a feeding tube! You are being a great Mom and doing exactly what P needs!

  3. Wow...what a thing to deal with but hopefully things will smooth out for you and P. She's a sweetie! Am praying for her for sure! Hugs!



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