Saturday, October 20, 2012

Adventures In Babysitting

Its no surprise that I am humming a song from One Direction in my head right now or that I'm drinking my coffee out of a pink Minnie Mouse coffee mug. Teenage girls have taken over my life and my ipod. I try to fight against them but they always seem to win. They sing the same songs over and over again, in unison with their friends till my mind is mush and I can no longer think clearly.

We took their friends to co-op yesterday where they were re-united with more of their kind. More giggles, drama, screeches.
I love my co-op. I really do. Its a lot of work and beautifully exhausting  and the families are just wonderful. The van ride consisted of 10 kids/7 girls singing their heads off to all sorts of songs I hope never to have to endure again.

Right now those alien beings are upstairs fast asleep with 2 of their friends. They danced and sang all night to the t.v and spammed facebook with silly girly videos.

They dragged me to Walgreens when the moon came out so they could buy useless stuff and make weird noises over Taylor Swift merchandise. 

Tonight, I pass them over to their fathers so they can drive them off to the middle of a haunted cornfield and get scared out of their wits. I do secretly wish I could go...

Just to hear their giggly screams.
 But I know if I listen close enough tonight, I probably would be able to hear them all the way over here.

Yesterday they decided to be brave and go on an adventure down into the woods  near our home. They took their guy friend... Lets just call him JA... for his own privacy and protection.

10 minutes into the trip and my texts looked something like this...

and following that...


And I reacted something like this:

I think what worried me more was wondering how I would explain to the 3 other moms that while I was playing song pop on my iphone, their precious offspring were pretending to be Davy Crockett...

And of course I was worried about my 2 girls as well...

But WHAT would I tell THEIR moms!!!???!!!

So thats the last time they have any adventures in nature...

And now that I think of it, I don't even think we have bears in this here parts? Hmmm...

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  1. oh funny, kinda! We were at my nephew's 18th birthday party yesterday. After we walked in, said hi and took our goodies into the other room, I heard one of the boys saying"Who are they?" Tyler did introduce us to them. We endured some music we don't like, their laughter, silliness and fun! Another generation but loving them anyway and glad we escaped with our brains not scrambled too badly! HA! Have a good week!



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