Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Short Lived Forgiveness

This is Link the cat asking for forgiveness yesterday. Its been quite a while since we had some one on one time. I used to have a nice wooden rocker next to my side of the bed, and when I get a few moments to breath, I sit and relax. Link, on occasion, would jump in my lap for a quick pet and we would enjoy life for a bit together. For those of you that don't know Link... This is RARE. I like to say that Links one main mission in life is to be left alone. Not as by himself, but he just really appreciates his personal space. He is forever where we are and follows us around but only likes attention on rare occasions. Have I mentioned he is the size of a medium sized dog?? Yeah, He's huge....

So when I would find him on my lap in that old wooden rocker... I know we are sharing a special moment. He does that for NO ONE else in the house....


Anyway, this past summer has been full of visitors, surgeries and new babies. That old wooden rocker was moved into the living room for extra seats. and with that move, came no more midday visits from my big fat cat.

On top of that, our relationship has been strained. I may or may not on several occasions threatened to kill him, or perhaps chased him up the stairs with a wooden spoon when he would make me trip and almost smash my face on my kitchen floor.  I may never admit to having rants and rages when I find a 10 pound poop freshly dropped on my very nice bathrug...

I won't even mention what happened when he peed in my laundry bin FULL of fresh clean clothes.

I have the local humane society on speed dial.

I was even ready to ship him off despite the sobbing and begging of my 13 year old daughter... who treats Link as if he is her own son.

But to my surprise, it was my hubby who gave Link his 9 lives...

Hubby, The cat hater.

It was hubby who reluctantly gave him another chance... and another and another. Making sure he had just the right kitty litter and food..

Perhaps, like the Grinch, His heart grew 3 sizes too big...

Or maybe the sight of his daughter utterly broken hearted made him change.

We may never know, but I think deep down Link knows that hubby is his personal savior...

In more ways than one.

Our trust in Link is broken and will need to be earned in time. My finger is ready to hit that send button and make room for him in the cat-inn. But we shall see...

My friend Michelle lent me her white and pink rocker. Her last baby is 6 years old and she may or may not have more, so her son brought it over to my house this past weekend.

I was so happy to have another rocker back in my room again. Another place for my kids to sit when they come in at night to chat or watch tv with me. I have already started crocheting in it at night.

But yesterday, as the rain beat against my bedroom window, and the chaos that is my life ran amuck, I slipped away for a quick moment of peace.

I sat in that rocker and enjoyed the view outside. I rocked for a few seconds before I noticed something in my peripheral.

It was Link.

His big green eyes were darting around for a place to jump. I wasn't sure if he would in fact snuggle. and I wasn't quite sure If I wanted to.

I heard his purring from across the room and before I knew it, he was curled in my lap. I ran my fingers ever so lightly through his fur and felt his whole body vibrating.

He was back.

He tilted his face and stared into my eyes for a few minutes before licking my nose. I took that as an "im sorry..."

I forgave him of course but I asked him what the heck has been wrong with him? and then wondered if I was completely crazy for talking to my cat...

At the same time, we looked away and stared out the window. The rain falling and the wind blowing...

And for just about 2 seconds...

we understood each other..



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