Sunday, March 6, 2011

Girls Night Out

 This past Friday night my favorite Italian came and picked me up for a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!! 

Just so you know, Her lovely name is Michelle and YES, I have permission to call her that.

Anyway, her church AND our local Christian radio Station sponsored a great girls evening starring the AMAZING Anita Renfroe and Mandisa.

Who are they? Are you kidding? Have you lived in a hole?


Anita is a woman after my own heart. Hearing her talk and perform was like hearing me chat with my friend. She is such a talented Christian comedian who says what everyone else thinks...

sound familiar????

And Mandisa... well... You all know her success on American Idol.

No, she didn't win but God has made her career more blessed than those judges ever could. Her testimony was awe inspiring and her new songs left goose bumps on my arms.

Here we are before the show began.. chattin it up. I was starving!!! By the time Michelle picked me up, I was running around like a chicken without a head on and totally forgot to eat dinner BUT I remembered my coffee.

Or I would be Zzzz in the seat!

So I was a bunch of nervous energy... hungry energy and OD'd on breath mints. Really.

( Im not weird Michelle, I PROMISE!!)

The show sold out just a few weeks after tickets went up for sale.

Michelles church is H-U-G-E to say the least. But they know how to throw a party.

Here is Anita making us pee in our skirts!

Mandisa came out next and rocked the place out!!

She can DANCE!! 

I can't.

Im totally white in that department...

And I can't jump either...

We had a great night and had some great laughs.

I'll have to tell you the story about how M. and I became friends one day. Its quite interesting...


By the time we left... I had a feeling she would totally drive the white bronco!! ;)

I got home to some anxious kids still up and waiting for me.

They missed me (said the 100,000 texts I got throughout the night...)

I missed them too.

Hubs was playing Black Ops and my lil baby girl was fast asleep.

I was ready to go home to her. My homing pigeon came out in me and I was just a bit anxious to kiss her head and smell her sweet scent.

The next day, I held her for hours. Really...

We gazed into each others eyes and napped on the couch together while the house caved in around me. 

I didn't care.

I think she missed me too.

I do love that little baby girl of mine...




  1. So fun! I just saw Anita last week when she was in my town, a great girls night out!

  2. Sounds like fun! What a fun way to spend an evening with a friend! I have to cuddle me little one after being away too:)

  3. Hate I missed it! Really wanted to go, but had my little one & a very special lingerie shower to go to.

    That's my church & I LOVE IT!!! It's really not as big as you think it is! ;)

  4. A group of girls from our church went too..I hate I missed it but we were just coming in from out of town on Friday and I didn't make it..I heard it was awesome! Glad you had fun..I'm the same way when it comes to my children, after a little while I am ready to get home...

    :) Rhonda



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