Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Homeschooling Goodies...

On Monday, I packed up my kiddos...and off we went to the country to my FAVORITE homeschool book store... Remember that place???

The dusty warehouse thats dark and has cats roaming around?? Sounds scary, I know. But its SOOOO not.

I spent way too much. 

The kids ran amuck looked around while I shopped.

Aisles and Aisles of wonderful books.

 I LOVE everything I bought.

And can't wait to start using them all.

What did I buy??

Horizons Math set Grade 1

Explode the Code book 1 1/2 and Get Ready For the code

Plus both teacher editions

Maps for 1st grade

Spelling and the teachers addition.

LOTS of Math manipulatives...

Plus a great book for me which tells the story of 21 homeschooling families.

Such inspiration for me. 

What have you bought recently for Homeschooling??


  1. That's awesome. I am moving to Texas next month. I would love help on where to go and what to do? We plan to Homeschool when we get there. I'm lost to say the least. Do you have any tips for me?
    I have tons of Questions on getting started. any help would be a blessing. :)Mae

  2. I just bought Allie Math U See and so far she loves it. I have my eye on Apologia science...just trying to figure out which one...

    Also, I am considering buying The Complete Writer by Susan Wise Bauer...I <3 Susan Wise Bauer.

  3. Oh, I want that book about the homeschooling families- sounds great.

  4. We use Horizons 1 Math and love it! Sounds like a great day to me!

  5. I just used my swagbucks to buy The complete Writer, got it totally free! Love that about swagbucks.
    I am saving up some more now to get our next Apologia Science book totally free too! Yay!
    I'm hoping to go to the Arlington Book Fair and get some good stuff there in May. I just wish it was sooner, I love that trip! I'm hoping to get RAzzle Dazzle Language arts, and finally find that math program I've been praying for!

  6. did i miss it? must give us the title of the book on the homeschooling families. would love to read it.



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