Saturday, March 26, 2011

Transparency On A Whole New Level

I think I am about to take being transparent to a whole new world with this!! I know my sis is gonna call and wonder WHY THE HECK I PUBLISHED these pics. But I had to. I had to tell y'all about my most newest, exciting adventure... 

I now own my OWN business.
Little 'ol me is now a TRAVEL AGENT.
I am super excited and already have 2 clients who I am booking right now.
An amazing agency has taken me under their wing and has trained me to make vacation dreams come true. Can you believe this??
What an amazing blessing.
Im humbled and still in awe of the opportunity I have been given and I promised myself I would not take it for granted or let it go to waste.
Now.. I now what your thinking..
What does this have to do with the below pictures??

Welcome to my um mess. I mean Office. Yeah Office. I have been inundated with travel magazines, brochures, documents, important phone numbers, notes on clients etc and I NEED to totally re-organize everything to make me stop freaking (from the mess)

My "desk."

And yet more of the chaos.

I know what your thinking..

"There is NO way Im booking my vacation thru her. She will lose all my stuff!!!"

No No No.

I promise I won't. I plan on making a consolidated list for staples and get some basic office supplies, a filing system and a calendar. That will just about make this area efficient and equipped. I also need a small bookshelf to hold the two MILLION travel brochures I have coming in the mail this week. 

Ok, maybe not that many. But I do have a few..

I also promise to not make this a travel/pressure buy blog. It will remain the same as it always was. Life as GiGi...

But I will be adding a vacation deals tab up top so you can check up on the latest vacation promotions and if you see something that interests you, then just contact me. I will just let you know at the end of my blog post if I updated.

See, easy peasy.

So, thats what I have been up to...

What about you???


  1. Congratulations on having a new business! Good for you! And, I think it's awesome that you posted those pics - it's real life!

  2. What travel agency are you working for?

  3. Congratulations on your business from home opportunity. I hope it goes well for you. Just remember once ya get your stuff organized, the word is MAINTAIN! I've been working on cleaning up pile messes and counter top space. I keep clearing it up as I go and it looks great.
    Today I scrapbooked with a friend. I got 5 pages done of my little granddaughter. So fun to do! Have a great weekend!

  4. Talk about a perfect job. This is right up your alley girl. I know you'll have fun with it and I'm suuuure it'll be a success as well. Yippee.

  5. Congrats on your new business and best of luck!

  6. Good Luck on your new adventure. If we are ever in travel needs I will let you know... Your posts always crack me up and put a smile on my face... Good Luck.

    Anne @



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