Monday, March 14, 2011

THAT Day Again!

You all know how I dislike MONDAYS remember?? Well today its that day again, but much to my surprise, Im not in agony or that upset over it! HALLELUJAH!!! Our weekend was great!! One of those weekends that you wanted to freeze time and never have it end.
Have you ever had weekends like that??
Well Thats exactly how it felt for me. So since its Monday and im still running s-l-o-w from our relaxing weekend, I will give you a quick run.
Saturday hubby woke up early and the assembly began of some of the furniture for the big girls. They used to have the BIG bonus room as their room back when we were a family of 7 but with the addition of Miss. P., some adjustments were needed. So they are in the smaller bedroom and the 2 little girls moved into the bigger bedroom. Much to my surprise, they were really happy about all of this and welcomed the cozier room. With the room came a promise of painted walls, new decor and new furniture...
Finally, its starting to happen!
The smaller girls (plus Penelope, once she sleeps thru the night) will all share the BIG bonus room. This works out great because it holds all of their toys, play kitchen, tents and anything else they have. Its no longer all over the house!!!
Noah has sleepovers in there almost every night even though he has his very own boy-cave.

That took up most of the day. Then once Hubby was done assembling, I came in to clean and re-organize and distribute... (which Im still doing) they got a new bookshelf and dresser so we are weeding out alot of non- essentials. So we were sooo happy to pack up our big black beast van and head just 1/2 mile down the road to M.'s house.
Our first ever on the road wing night!
You all know how I feel about wing night, so I was happy to take the night to her humungo  home. The couz was meeting us there as well.

We had such a great night laughing and chatting and stuffing our faces  eating those delicious crunchy wings.

All of our kids get along sooo well. You would never think 9 kids were there. They played and laughed and ran around and had fun...

But I think we had much more fun than them. Come 1 a.m., as we were still sitting around her table laughing, the texts started coming from my dear daughters..

"Moooooom... can we go now??"
And by daughters, I mean Hannah. She turns into a pumpkin if she is not in her pj's and in bed by 8. Really... You don't want to know her when she doesn't get exactly 10.5 hours sleep.
Emma was already fast asleep in the living room.
Abby and Angel-baby fell asleep in the family room
M's son put himself to bed somewhere between 11-12 midnight
and of course Molly, G, and Noah were still up and at'em.

By 2 a.m.  M's hubby started to fall asleep at the table... we all decided to go home...

We gathered up the kids and drove away.
What a fun evening... I was POOPED! and finally crawled into bed somewhere a little past 3...

I think by that time everyone decided church would not be happening, especially since we lost a dear, precious hour of sleep.
But we couldn't ask for a better day to re-coup from our day...
Around 11 a.m, the kids strolled down the stairs and hubs and I finally decided to venture out from under our covers. Penelope was SO kind to us and let us sleep (as long as I kept feeding her bottles..)
The sun streamed in and windows were thrown open.
We spent most of the day outdoors at our playground, soaking in the sun and actually sweating!! Gotta love the Carolina sun.
Dinner was served in our screen porch. The first meal of the new year outside. How awesome it was. Hubby and I sat back and digested as the kids wandered away from the table and scattered about playing.

Thats one of my favorite parts about the nice southern weather... NO mosquitoes and many meals outdoors. When we built our home, this porch was one of our favorite "extras" we paid for... What a blessing it has been...

We can't wait for many more meals around this table, outside. Smelling the summer air and hearing the sounds of the world.

Now do you understand why I didn't want it to end?? It was a good weekend.
How was yours???


  1. I love reading about your weekends! I am re-thinking wings! ha! I don't do well with chicken on the bone, if you know what I mean..

    We had a fab weekend as well...we bought a new car!! Yippppeee! I am soooo excited!! We drove all over the my FIL's in S. Jersey and then to the beach & Surf lots of great family photos!!

    I actually started crying this a.m. when hubby was leaving for work. I was hugging him and just didn't want to let go. Actually, that is not uncommon on a Monday!

  2. I love time with friends and family. So fun. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. We had a wonderful weekend also, except Alyssa's stuff being stolen. I am going to have to buy those wings you love and try them. We love wings at our house.



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