Friday, March 11, 2011

The Blue Room....


I have been married for almost 15 years and we have lived in 7 different homes. The longest one was in NY. 8 years. Actually, it was 7 years and 8 months to be exact! It also was the smallest home and the one I dis-liked the most. But to be truthfully honest. Its the house where I grew the most as a woman/mom/christian/wife and shared many happy memories despite the problems that came with that little box!

Anyway, thru all of our moves within state and out of state there has been 1 teeny-tiny thing lacking.
I mean, we have come a loong way since the hotel we lived in for a week right after we got married. The contents of our life was shoved in a small room in SC while we looked for a place to live right outside base. We thought we had it all till we realized we didn't have a bed to sleep on, couches to sit on, tables to eat on... but hey, we had pretty hand towels so we lived on L-U-V.

After a few months we decided love tasted much better on some kitchen tables and mattresses so we bought a few staple pieces to make our life feel better. One of them being our bed. (headboard/footboard)
Now fast-forward almost 15 years, 7 different houses, 2 states, 2 storage units and 6 kids and you will walk into my bedroom and still find the same exact headboard on my bed...
The last remaining piece of our "newlywed-ness..."
Our couches have changed, our decor completely changed and we have been thru several kitchen tables but for some reason our bedroom gets overlooked... No end tables, no dressers, no nada... EVER.

Until yesterday...

My hubs found a way to incorporate (almost) a whole bedroom set out of our tax refund. This is big people. Do y'all know how long I wanted end tables?? Sweet little end tables to put my books and bibles and empty bottles and dirty diapers on?? Oh you have no clue how I have dreamt and prayed and wished and thought about real bedroom furniture...

And NOW I don't have to. Some of the pieces started to arrive yesterday!!!
Of course, it couldn't be easy and hubs had to totally re-arrange our bedroom, move Miss P.'s crib around and temporarily store our back-up computer. But it was sooo worth it...

what a guy!

Before the legs are put on...

Now if only I can get my room in some kind of order. Shamefully, my bedroom is just in shambles. I don't mean it to be. My heart of hearts wants a perfectly ordered nest but with all the daily demands on my plate, my room kinda gets left in the dust. Im working on it though. I am barely keeping up with the housework, schooling, mothering,internet wasting  stuff as it is...
But its on my to-fix list. I could technically be in there now but the baby is sleeping so soundly and I much rather prefer relaxing on my couch in my silence, typing away. Today I got absolutely nothing done.Nada.Zero.Zip.Zilch.
And by nothing I mean the normal daily activities that make up my day (listed above.) I welcomed the change though and didn't mind the mixing up of my routine. Instead of schooling all day, we ended up shuffling around town picking up the furniture that we had ordered for the older girls room (Thank you taxes and site to store.) and picking up the paint to quickly finish painting their room before the furniture was put into place. Somewhere in between all of that, my van might or might not have stumbled into the Target parking lot for some unnecessary shopping. ( Just ask THE CHATTY MOMMY, I was on the phone with her when it happened.)
By the time we arrived back home and everyone was settled, order was restored and paint was thrown on the walls... dinner had to be quickly served. My cousin came over to help with the furniture moving/removing in exchange for a hot meal and good conversation. I love when he comes over. Our chatter quickly turned into a book review for "The Case For Faith and The Case For Christ..." More books on my to-do list. They sound fascinating and will most likely lead us into many late night theology debates. My Uncle also ended up showing up briefly ( the double bed was being moved to his house down the road.) and before I knew it more chaos and now quiet.
Except for the occasional Miss. P. cries. She is having a rough night and just won't settle in, I on the other hand want to settle in RIGHT NOW. Im beat. I have a headache that won't quit. But I don't want MY night to end. My glorious night of silence, writing, catch-up cleaning, t.v. watching, bible reading and anything else I can squeeze in night.
But if any night is a good night for rest, tonight is. Tomorrow is another busy day and will end with the celebration of a precious couple from our church getting married. I am looking forward to seeing them exchange vows and start their life together.
So Im off. GiGi signing out. Time to finish my last clean of the night and squeeze 10 million other things into my free time. and then my exhausted body will crawl into bed and I will enjoy...

 the new beauty of my REAL BEDROOM FURNITURE!


  1. Lucky girl. I am just today going to send in my taxes for my refund. I am a little slow. Enjoy your new furniture.

  2. Congratulations!
    Can't wait to see the finished pictures.

  3. Nice! We slept on a mattress on top of a boxspring (no headboard or anything) for the first two years of our marriage before we finally got a real bed.
    Our 'end tables' are actually those cheapo fold-up TV trays. Yep, we are stylin'! I think it is hard to put emphasis on the bedroom when you know it is the last place people see when they come over.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am certainly enjoying looking around yours. :)

  4. It's always fun to get new furniture and so glad you got some! Have a great time enjoying all of it!

  5. Hi I am your newest follower from The Chatty Mommy Friday Blog hop :)

    Hope you will follow back :)



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