Thursday, March 17, 2011

Its Amazing What You Find Under Your Bed.

 Monday morning our coveted bed came. Remember the one I told you about (like 1000 times?) Well ITS HEEERRREEE!! We were so excited. I got a few texts from the hubs saying that under the bed had to be cleared out before he got home because he expected to start assembling as soon as he came home. So I did the next best thing and waited till I had about 20 minutes left and then scrambled around like an absolute loon. You know what Im talking about right? Considering I have not cleaned under there since {clear throat} the day we moved in.... I could only imagine the dust giants bunnies just hangin around.
I delegated, pointed and called in all 5 of the troops to help me with this. Number 6 was safe in her bouncy seat strapped in tight. I was afraid she would get clearly lost in the junk we pulled out from under said bed. ( Oh and please don't comment me all freaked out that I labeled the baby by number .. Its late, I hot glue gunned my 2 fingers together and I am absolutely in no mood. k?)

Anywhoo... Lots of garbage was created that day and my new vacuum got quite a workout. Pretty soon we were down to bare bones. Junk pile in one corner, sort thru pile in another and hubs began taking apart our bedframe. I walked around picking up some scraps and such that remained under where the bed was and came across a green paper. I threw it on the garbage pile and it flopped over to reveal .....


My heart skipped a beat as I began reading the words on the paper and I must have said something.... Im not quite sure what it was. Honest I don't, but I know it was something out loud because hubby kept asking me...
It was a piece of my Thanksgiving Tree from 2009( can't find a link and 
Im losing steam. remember the hot glue gun thing?). But thats not the breathtaking part. It happened to be the one "leaf" given to me by my sweet childhood friend who PASSED AWAY last December. 
I stood there and stared at her writing, imagining her fingers coloring the paw prints... I read all that she wrote and wished I could turn back time to when the ink was still damp on the paper.
I knew this was not garbage. It now is laid to rest in my bible...
A place where special treasures are kept in the cover pockets. When I have my quiet time and read my bible, I often sort thru those precious papers. Prayer requests are written in there, a letter about my late grandmother, a picture of Molly and I meeting for the very first time is kept in there as well as a few small drawings from my kids that say I love you.
This too will be added and saved.
I was so thankful to be able to keep " a piece" of Erin with me...
Miss P. beckoned and I went off to smother her with kisses (cause she smells so good) and then I started making dinner. Some time later, Hubby came behind me and grabbed my hand and pulled me into my bedroom to take a look-see...

There she was... looking more beautiful than I could ever ever imagine. Real bedroom furniture that was all MINE!!!
We oohed and ahhed and couldn't believe, after almost 15 of marriage, we finally had something even our wildest dreams couldn't imagine...
Isn't she a beauty? The bed feels completely new to me now. I actually had a tough couple of nights sleeping in her. She wasn't uncomfortable... just different.
My sister says its because im getting old...

But isn't she a BEAUTY!!!!


  1. Wow, it is beautiful! That is awesome, it must feel good to have such a wonderful, new bed!

  2. What a find under your bed. Just awesome. Love the new bed.

  3. That is so great for you!
    Your bed is beautiful. I hope to one day have a nice bedroom set too! One time I had the money for one - but didn't act fast enough and it had to be spent on other things. O-well, such is life. Maybe by the time we hit 15 years I will have one too! ;)



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