Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Singer-nator

Even though I bought this beauty over a week ago, she has remained in her box tucked away in my bedroom.

I know, I know... for shame!! I waited SO LONG to own one of these. But today was the day!! Our Saturday consisted of gray skies and rain. Lots.Of.Rain. This morning was a slow start. 3 of my kids went to a friends house and I sat on the couch with my Miss.P. and snuggled and napped for about 3 hours. Last night I went out with a friend to an AWESOME event (more on that later...) and I missed her terribly. I made up for lost time with my sweet baby by smelling her and just cuddling her all morning. Pure heaven. My home was in desperate need of some TLC but my baby will only be this tiny today!!!

Anyway, after we both were getting antsy, I decided to break open the box.

I pulled her out totally intimidated.

But isn't she a beauty?? I pressed all of the buttons... and I started to get flashbacks of 8th grade home-ec class...

(personally, I don't think the machine ever quite recovered from my wrath...)

But I was determined NOT to break any needles or rip fabric from its grip. NOT this time...

*** I still stand on the fact that my Owl project was supposed to be slightly crooked and 1 eyed.***


I opened the manuel and began my training...

 Miss P. sat on the couch next to me looking cute and making sure I was at the top of my game...

You know, interrupting  every ten seconds and all!

But I went slow. Page by page and read ever word. 

It promised me that this will be the easiest machine I ever used...

I sure hope they are right...

Its dinnertime now...

But once the house is quiet and my belly is full of wings..

Did y'all really think I would forfeit wing night to sew????

I will be playing with my new friend till the wee hours of the morning. I can't wait...

Wait?? WHAT??

Oh. I was waiting for that question...

What am I going to make??

Anything. I have nothing specific in mind and I have no intentions (yet) of learning to make money. But I do have 6 kids. 5 being girls, and although I have no intentions of making their clothing...

I have every intention of making all sorts of cute accessories, hair items, scarves, clutches and anything else I can learn for them.

After all, isn't it all about the accessories anyway??





  1. Glad you got a machine. It's something a girl can't live without. :o)

  2. I have been sewing on an old hand-me down and it is funny but it does kinda come back to you.
    Let me know what books you get or what you watch on youtube.
    I can use all the help I can get- lol
    I'm sure you will be a natural. :)



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