Monday, March 28, 2011

What Brings You Back

Nothing brings you instantly back to your childhood faster than a heaping pile of strawberry Jell-o With whipped cream.

Its a rite of passage and should be given out in those diaper bags that the nurses hand to all those new moms with new babies. It should be written on page 2  of "What To Expect When Your Expecting." EXPECT to make LOTS of Jell-o. Preferably Strawberry Flavor with a dollop of freshly made whipped cream. Mmmmm.

So tonight, after a delicious dinner of baked chicken, everyone got a bowl full of sweet goodness. 

Even Me.

I happily ate my share with a piping hot cup of evening coffee and had Molly read to me from her reading book.

It was good.

Our Little Red House is just starting to re-coup from cabin fever... again! Since Friday the heavens opened up and rain has been pouring on our Little Red House. Gloomy days have taken their toll on us and perhaps we got a bit too excited when the sun started to peak out from behind the clouds.

Tomorrow the southern weather is returning. YAAAA

We plan on venturing out. 

But while we were trapped up for days we kept busy with lots of things. School continues on until Spring Break. Im working on memorizing my lines for our Church Easter Performance and whenever I get a moments peace Im studying and test-taking all my Travel Agent information. I LOVE it and look forward to more bookings.

My kids have also become "experts" as well since they insist on breathing down my neck  watch me while I study and view these classes online.

Such is life.

Im going to leave you with my most precious picture of the night.:

My Little Miss P. who has (almost) officially become a thumb sucker. Its happening more and more and tonight, for the first time, as she was crying and I was crawling around in the dark looking for her paci... she soothed herself back to sleep with her tiny thumb in her little mouth. I could have just eaten her up right there.

Now don't be hatin and fill my comment section on all unsolicited usless  advice that I could care less about. After all, Im not dumb.

I know, as a Mom of 6 children. S-I-X.... that they will eventually get off my hip, they will eventually sleep in their own bed and they won't go off to college sucking their thumb.

So until then, I will lean over my sweet baby's crib and stare at her in the dark and smile.


  1. I hear ya on the cabin fever. Just as we were getting outside again it rained and rained then SNOWED! I think that P is just a doll! Oh well if she sucks her thumb, there are much worse things out there. By the way, I think she looks awfully cute doing it!

  2. Thumb sucking is great, but hard to break. We have one, but it is too cute and really nothing i can do about it - so we will just enjoy the cuteness.
    I think only one of my kids has ever tasted jello, but your baked chicken looks delicious!

  3. I can't remember ever having jello when I was a kid. is that sad or what?
    My mom used to make what she called "poor man's spaghetti" for us for lunch - it was just elbow macaroni with ketchup. Sounds weird I know, but I love it because every time I eat it I feel like a kid again.
    My kids love it too, so. . .

  4. Hahaha! Love the part about 'advice" too funny. my first 4 hated suckys and were thumb or finger suckers. None of them still are. My 5th however loved the sucky, and since the last one went missing we haven't replaced it. It's been 3months and sometimes she looks at me with those big sad eyes and says "Gucky?" Breaks my heart!! I think "Just suck your thumb baby!" I can't buy another one of those suckys now that she sleeps without it.....can I? LOL!

  5. Okay, I am officially spending too much time on your blog having fun!

    My 5 year old is a thumb sucker and I agree with you - she'll quit before college....



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