Sunday, March 20, 2011

For Shame..

Attempting Bball

I was on such a roll for sooo long with blogging daily. I loved it but alas, I fell off the wagon this weekend. Sorry folks!! But this weekend I was buzzing around like a busy bee AND I managed to almost take pictures every day of my outfits for What I Wore Wednesday blog-hop. Remember I mentioned it was a challenge?? I also took pics of my Penelope cause she is so darn cute in her warm sundresses...

This weekend was fun. The weather was perfect. I met some neighborhood moms at our neighborhood playground which is always nice. Since I homeschool and live in the way back, I tend to not see many people who live in my sub, But thats ok. Once the weather gets warm and my kids are running amuck thru the streets, Im bound to see someone. Dinner was relaxed and once evening hit the hubs and I laced up our sneakers and hit the pavement. We walked for a bit and ran for a bit.... although more walking happened because I am sooo out of shape but im getting there... slowly. Very slowly.

Abby-girl smelling our Yoshino flower from our tree.

Im trying really hard to remember what we did on Saturday... But I think it was just a bunch of hanging out. I do know the kids all got together with other kids (anyone they could collect) and had a massive game of red light green light. Then the darkness rolled in and we got a massive hail/thunderstorm but that blew over and we were back outside playing B-Ball with the kids and every so often other kids would run thru our yard or thru our gate playing hide and go seek.

everyone is playing around with the flashlight app on their phone... cause we are cool like that. Ha!

That evening was our WING NIGHT!! Whoo hoo... but we mixed it up a bit and invited my Aunt and Uncle over. We put on the party lights in our screen porch and indulged in perfectly crisp wings and deluxe nachos. We chatted and laughed and ate as the lightening flickered in the background. The evening was good! The weather was perfect! And the frogs were loud!

We made it to church this morning barely almost on time... Late, but earlier than we usually storm in. I missed it, It seems like for one reason or another we have not been there that much and I always miss my church family, so it was nice to see everyone's face again and chat away... It was an ol school service to say the least... a guest speaker evangelist that had all the gracefully aged members jumping up and down yelling Amen while the teens snickered at the hootin and hollerin goin on. It felt like a scene from Fried Green Tomatoes and I enjoyed it to the fullest...

Now its Sunday evening... the kids are all up in bed for the night sleeping and reading. Hubby is on his laptop and I am surrounded by perfect silence. My printer is working overtime in preparation for tomorrows SPRING arts and crafts lessons... an easy way to glide into the week ahead.

If you can do me a favor, please say a prayer for a facebook friend for me... Have I mentioned I LOVE FACEBOOK and when used responsibly and not stupidly its an amazing resource...
Anyway, we knew each other growing up and lost contact eons ago but are friend on FB..
She had a beautiful little baby boy yesterday morning who has serious serious heart problems. He had his first surgery yesterday and will undergo open heart surgery tomorrow...

For all you mamma's who read this blog... and I know there are alot...

Can you imagine your tiny 6 lb precious new baby undergoing life-saving, potentially deadly surgery??? This baby needs prayer. This Mama needs prayer. Please remember them tonight and tomorrow. Thank God for facebook, because of it we can gather more prayers together...

Thanks all so much my frineds and I can't wait to read all about your weekend fun!!




  1. Love the eating in the dark thing. Cool. Soon we will be doing the same up in Fran's fort. It'll be a great way to hang out, play games and watch the stars,( until the mosquitoes invite themselves).

  2. Praying for your friend and her baby.

  3. I will be praying for your friend and her precious baby. Believe me I understand what she is going through. It a nightmare and you just pray that you wake up. I am hoping that this baby is at MUSC. They are amazing and do amazing things with children affected by heart defects. If there is anything I can do or can help in anyway, please let me know.


  4. I will pray for your friend and her baby!

  5. sounds like you had a great weekend. I miss my home church family too! And my heart goes out to your friend, I cannot imagine the pain and anxiety she must be feeling. Prayers to her family.

  6. praying for your friend and her baby- I will assume the facebook dig was not aimed at me. :)



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