Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Im not surprised by this title... really. Random is the perfect word to use right now. Like the random ten million thoughts running thru my brain.The van we need to search for/buy. Perhaps its the super duper strong coffee I had after dinner or the fact that I just cried my brains out from reading a random blog I stumbled on. Or my belly ache. ( No Im not pregnant SHUT UP!!!!) Who knows. All I know is I can't even collect my thoughts to write a list. So I did the next best thing. Ramble BLOG! Yeah, who the heck thinks I will actually write something halfway comprehensible right now... Ummmm  apparently ME!

Whew, that felt good. Perhaps now that I vented I can share some thoughts. Random thoughts (there's that word again.) As I said earlier my mind is a-racin. So here I sit in the dark at 10 p.m. Well, maybe I shouldn't be so dramatic. Let me explain. Im in the dark because Miss Penelope is fast asleep and I would not dare do anything to wake her up.( Like turn on a light) Oh, she is a sweet thing and all but she has the runny nose blues which = cranky baby! But don't feel bad for me. I swiped my hubbys laptop and my iphone is getting plenty  of attention right next to me. Did I mention my new high score in Skee Ball?? I beat it... and my hubs... (we are in a massive, massive skee ball competition.) I just beat his score last night and want to revel in my glory. I got to because it won't be long before he creams me again. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts Ya know??

I have so  much on my mind and so much coming up. We need to buy a van soon. And not just any van... a 12 passenger van. A  large family van. A church-like van. HA! I actually can't wait. We need the extra room but the stress factor comes in when we shop for one. Luckily we won't be purchasing until a month from now so I have 30 whole days to pray without ceasing that God provides THEE perfect van for our family. And I know He will!! But seeing as Im incredibly thick-headed and incapable of learning, I will worry.worry.worry. We also have to refinance our home to get a better interest rate...That will reduce our payment THUS making us be able to afford our new van payment. All while entertaining house guests from next week till Easter.... getting Miss. P dedicated and throwing an awesome southern cookout bash. Finish schooling the kids and ending our craziness by packing up our big black van and heading to the beach for a MUCH needed vaca.

Phew... Im out of breath just thinking about this. But I know once my brain settles on my pillow and I realize no matter how much I sort thru everything in my head, only God can make it all happen... I will hopefully, finally fall peacefully in a deep sleep. Until then, my thoughts will remain a crazy, jumbled, random mess.***Darn that word!*


  1. take a couple of deep breaths.
    sounds like you got a handle on things.
    Everything is going to be great!

  2. you are more busy living in the south then you were here!!! Ugh- you make me tired just reading-lol anyway- write lists, I live by them- and remember we miss you! :)



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