Thursday, March 10, 2011


I knew I had a busy day ahead of me. Gym class in the morning for 2 of my kids and another one had to be dropped off at a science field trip. I had 1 hour to kill in between both followed up by a bridal shower for the cutest couple getting married this Friday at my church and then topped off with my Revelation bible study. So, tuesday night as hubby and I sat in bed and watched the late night news, I didn't know what to do. The weather forecasted for wednesday was treacherous! 3 to 5 inches of rain falling in less than 12 hours... Um, that's ALOT! Flash flood warnings and river warnings were already in effect. All I could think about was hauling 6 kids in and out of the downpours all day long. Wet pants, cold shivers and soggy shoes make me cringe. I knew I had to pray. Only God could help me out of this one. I usually stay home in bad weather. Even the kids know that. But I just had to go to this shower Wednesday night.

I canceled the field trip and gym class much to my kids sadness. I prayed thru the day that this massive rain would cease! By noon (when I would have been out picking up kids) The water began to fall. I was happy to be indoors. We watched as on and off showers pounded on our windows.

The kids kept checking to see if it would lighten up. Nothing makes my heart swell with happiness than seeing my kids just begging to go to church. Too sweet for words.

I pretty much gave up for a few hours but then the rain lightened up to a slow steady. I figured, if it stayed this way then we could possibly pack up our van and head down. The streets would not be too flooded... hopefully!! I prepared as if we were going. Dinner in the oven by 3:45, hair done, socks and shoes put on and jammies laid out for when we returned home. Bags packed, diapers changed... and table set for dinner. We were ON schedule. Once we sat down to eat our meal (which I allotted 15 minutes for) Molly began to say Grace. I had asked her to also pray for God to hold back the rain for us so we could gather in His house for the shower and bible study.

The rain still stayed steady. Not too bad. We rushed and loaded up the van and pulled out of our driveway exactly 1 minute behind schedule. (for anyone that knows me, that in itself is a MIRACLE!!) We only got lightly rained on. Enough for it to not even phase me or get my perfectly wrapped Leopard bridal gift ruined. ( Isn't it so pretty!)

Chatter, music, songs, loud weird noises all emerged for our 20 minute carride. As we stopped at the top of the hill right before our church, I noticed something... I yelled out in delight...


We were so busily happy driving to church that we almost missed our coveted answer to prayer. We all cheered and were so happy. We also got a FRONT parking space... which is another miracle as our parking lot is very hilly and always full.

We were able to attend the lovely shower and see the precious couple open all their gifts. Now, our church has 2... TWO buildings which requires me to walk outside and drop some off here and some off there... which was another reason I stay home on rainy days.

But when I walked outside to drop off AND 2 hours later when I went to walk outside to pick up, the night was beautiful and not one drop of rain fell on my skin. As I walked thru the night I quietly Thanked God for His amazing attention to detail. MY INSIGNIFICANT detail. When so much hurt and evil and heartache is rising up before Him, He STILL answers my little meaningless prayer. Tonight, He was sooo faithful to me. As always. He taught my children of His faithfulness. He taught me more about faithfulness and a beautiful young couple was blessed by so many gifts because the weather let up and people came!... He works ALL things out for good.

Tuesday night the rain bands headed our way from the gulf were practically historic. Rain starting from the wee hours of Tuesday night till Thursday morning were expected.  Thunder, possible tornadoes and up to 5 inches of rain in some areas... But God saw fit that we make it to church...

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."
Romans 8:28


  1. love it- God is good.
    And maybe invest in some umbrellas????
    You know, your next trip to Target?

  2. it's beautiful when you see God answer the specific prayers we pray, so we know it wasn't just a stroke of luck.



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