Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Night

Isn't it amazing how things can change in just one night? 
One night.
24 hours. 
Last night we had our plans for our Friday. We knew what we had to do. What we planned.
But before we knew what hit us, our plans changed.
No wedding and No Friday night out.
A large family never knows when sickness will hit and tonight was one of those nights. Penny was feeling so bad, Abigail fell asleep sitting up at her dinner plate and hubby came home from work way beyond schedule. I quickly heard the flush of our plans swish away.
I was sad. I wanted so badly to attend this wedding,  but it wasn't so.
In retrospect, its not the end of all ends. Disappointing YES! Life shattering??? NO.

Not compared to the breaking news that was sent on my iphone this morning.
YES! I have FOX news alerts sent straight to my iphone to keep me updated on the events of the world. As I heard the bustling of hubs getting ready for work this morning, I rubbed my eyes and my arms went straight for my phone.
Wait? Don't you do that??
Well, believe it or not I get texts at all hours of the night from family members. You know who you are... the young ones playing Black Ops all night. Ring a bell??
Anyway, I didn't have my glasses on and since my eyes are old sleepy, I was a bit confused when it said that Japan had a major earthquake. I could have sworn it said 7.9 but again... my eyes.
I quickly figured someone was gonna get fired over at FOX for sending an old breaking news alert. Japan got that earthquake a few days ago. DUH!
But I scrolled over and hit the FOX app just to  double check.
My heart sank. No.No.No. It couldn't be. ANOTHER ONE?? And worse than the last.
Still in bed, (and toasty warm under my duvet) I turned on the t.v and watched as the horrific details began to unfold. It took a few minutes before it started making sense. I called hubby out of our bathroom so he could see too. I couldn't believe what we saw.

The turn of events pretty much consisted of the children gathering on our bed. One by one as they woke up and came down the stairs. They too watched the news and I explained (age appropriately of course) what was happening halfway around the world.
We started school late today but started it none the less. At some point I had to turn the tv off. I felt so bad even watching it. But my thoughts and prayers never waivered far from those people in need.

FOX news pretty much has been on since the afternoon. More pictures are coming in, the death toll keeps rising and loved ones are missing. Towns, cities, farms.... completely wiped off the face of the earth....

In one night.
24 hours.

the news today was a abrupt reminder to live righteously and respectively in the moment. M.o.m.e.n.t. Because right now, this exact second is really all we have. We don't know what tomorrow holds. We don't know if the fun weekend plans we have written on our calendars will ever be fulfilled. All we have is now.
God reminded me of a bible verse:



  1. Sorry to hear your kiddos are sick, I hope they feel better soon. I was shocked to see the news too, praying praying praying.

  2. Hope the kids feel better quick.
    Praying for Japan, the west coast, anyone who is experiencing flooding and the people of NY who were in a horrific bus crash.
    A lot to pray for and a lot to be thankful for as well.



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