Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not So Monday After All...

Well, Its Monday night at 10:30 p.m and we just got back a bit ago from our spontaneous night out. I know your probably wondering "what the heck is the big deal??" REALLY??!! do you have to ask? I am a stay at home/ homeschooling MOM OF 6!! So nights out at the drop of a hat do not happen....

I was giddy ALL NIGHT! Really I was. But before I could even remotely think of that evening, I had to get thru the rest of the day. So I did what a mommy should do and did a reading lesson with my Molly. She did wonderful. Some house cleaning came next and I laid out all of the little ones pajamas. I was so thankful that I recently cleaned out my fridge and had room to save one of our families FAVORITE casseroles .( recipe coming wednesday so stay tuned!) That would make a perfect, quick dinner re-heat. The older girls wanted something different and they are at the age where they love to create something for themselves, so I let them do just that (with a promise to clean the mess they made.) Penelope was dressed in a brand new "My First Easter" outfit but before you even think about reminding me that Easter is in April this year, the outfit was just too cute to pass up.

Good ol cuz picked us up in his car, kisses were handed out, instructions were gone over and my aunt and uncle were on cell phone alert 5 houses down. Off we were....

I felt like a kid again. Not because we were out, but because I was sitting in the backseat. I haven't been in the backseat of a car in a loong time. I was immediately bored. ( I told you I have adult add) . I drank my cup of coffee ( cause you KNOW I took a cup with me) and I sifted thru my bottomless purse and pull out my devotional book by Beth Moore. It was a $5 doorbuster and the best thing I ever could have bought. ( To Live Is Christ)

You mean you don't carry around devotional books in your purse?? I thought everyone did. I started to read about Paul and Silas and had to stop because I got car sick after sentence 2, so I put the book away and started to pray. A Mom takes any chance she gets to pray cause we don't get many at all, but all I could focus on was the fact that I was car sick and could not concentrate on a gosh darn thing. Oh well... good thing we pulled into :

Like always, we ate with joy and laughed at everyone everything we could think of. This was my first time at this joint and I almost died when the servers came out and danced to the Macarena . I sooo wanted to get up and join them but the girl in the bright pink boa was celebrating her 22nd birthday and I didn't want to steal her thunder you know..

Then thriller played.Loud.

My hands shot up before I could control them and I was about to start re-enacting the dance. I mean, its thriller for heavens sake... who the heck wants to sit with their hands folded in their lap for THRILLER...
But in order not to embarrass myself my hubby, I refrained and began sipping my diet coke. I enjoyed the evening and Lil Miss Sunshine was excellent! She didn't cry or whimper or anything!! Very impressed we were. I think our Stay-cation we want to plan soon just might be possible!!

We made friends with our server, sang happy birthday to the big table next to us and ate a sick amount of food. Joe's Crab Shack is a happy place. A fun place. A Place I would go back to for another wacky time. But this wacky time had ended and I was ready to return to my nest.

So here I sit at my computer... In my jammies and all my kiddies are fast asleep. Well 4 of them are, my older ones are upstairs in their beds reading. My house is as clean as its going to get for the night. Dishwasher is loaded and ready for the nightly wash. I love the silence. The t.v. is off and the only sound I hear is the ticking of the clock and the movement of my hubby. Our monday is over. It was a GOOD day. A GOOD monday and it makes me feel silly for dreading it so much yesterday.

I've had a bit of a bad attitude the last few days. I want to chalk it up to PMS but either way, it has to end. I need to throw myself in the word more and devote more time (other than carsick rides) to prayer. I think that has been what is lacking the most. But no matter how I fail, my God is always so faithful to me. He shows me glimmers and gleams and gently nudges me back to HIM. Then I feel so guilty for ever thinking I can get by, even one day, on my own. He shows me how much I need Him to get thru life's day to day's... no matter how mundane they seem to be.

So tonight I will end the night with a song on my heart and with whispers of praise on my lips because when I fail God, He never fails me. He gives me exactly what I need to get me thru another day,

And that, my dear friends was an impromptu night at Joe's!




  1. yum! I love Joe's Crab Shack and haven't been there in ages!

  2. Sounds like a great place! Nice site. Look forward to following your daily reads!

  3. Lovely post! I have never been to Joe's Crab Shack before and now really want to go, how fun!

  4. You go girl.... Very cute story. I am right there with you... a night out doesn't happen very often so enjoy when you can...

    Anne @ http://lessonsthrulife.com

  5. I try to remind myself when I am having a bad day that I need to be in the word. thank you for the reminder. I agree a night out is amazing especially with like minded people

  6. How fun for u to have a night out with hubby and little baby. I saw a Beth Moore book awhile back but decided not to buy it although I know she is an awesome writer. One day, though. I don't carry a devotional but I do have a small Bible I take to work with me in a pocket of my lunch box. It's a Gideon one that has New Testament and Psalms so it works, for the most part.



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