Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Monday....

Mondays are never met with much enthusiasm around here. I just don't like them. Getting into a routine after a really relaxing weekend is not something I like to do. The kids aren't feeling it either. I have to adjust to hubby going back to work and clean up the mess of a weekend house.

This monday it just seemed worse. Maybe due to the intense gray sky and rain we had consistently  all weekend... which resulted in me not leaving the house at all. Come to think of it, I have not left my abode since Friday and am quite content. That will change later today as I just got off the phone with my cousin and plans were made... But more on that later.

This past weekend consisted of 48 hours of nothing. Wonderful nothing. I snuggled my baby for as long as I wanted and didn't care about the results of said spoiling. Pj's were on till after lunch and time was spent with my dear family. Dare I say, time actually went by slow?? Sunday consisted of pretty much the same. The night before, My Hannah came down stairs with a bad belly ache and I quickly tucked her in on the couch (where all my kids prefer to be when sick.) A few hours later, Miss Molly had nightmares...( which is quite a common occurrence with her...) so a temporary bed was made in our room and sleep was had by all. By morning, when we noticed Hannah still asleep on the couch, our church plans were canceled and more nothing-ness happened.

So, here is Monday. The worst is almost over. Hubby is home today which made the transition into this dreaded day so much better. I got hot coffee and a hot shower in the morning... Those two things alone should brand this day as PERFECT! School was attempted and after some tears and fears of learning/teaching and trying Math with a 1st grader who just doesn't get the tens places.... I mean, what do you say to a strong headed girl who insists counting by 1's must be done before counting sets of tens????... totally defeating the purpose of counting by tens to begin with!!! Some tests were graded, new material introduced and I was saved by my phone....

My cousin called on his way back from Alabama.... He usually calls me to and from his long trips to visit his brother and family. Im glad he had a great time and I'm glad he is back. I missed him and his crazy humor. He filled me in on the events of his trip and I filled him in on the uneventful events of our Little Red House. By the time I got off the phone, A night out without the kids and with my hubby and couz was planned. Joe's Crab Shack it is and I can't wait.

In everything, God's timing is perfect. Time with my hubby is needed. Adult time is needed. At least in my life, at this time in my life. God has been revealing to me in the last few days that I need time. Time to love my children, Time to be a wife and time to be ME! I am all 3... all the time. Does this make sense?? I never want to be ME without being a wife. But sometimes I need to be a wife without being a mother.... = Date night!!! So, today, as plans were possibly being made, It was a reassurance to me that God has been screaming whispering in my ear that I need to have date nights.... and more than once a year. It does catch up to you.

Of course my fabulous Miss P. come with me because she is still to little to be left and I would miss her way too much.

So, I guess after proofreading this post I should say that this Monday isn't as bad as I thought it would be? As I dreaded it would be yesterday. Don't get me wrong, my kitchen still needs a good cleaning, my bed isn't made and I think... think... my oldest daughter might have... just might have dusted the laudry pile. But this should not be equated to a Monday...

Isn't that every day in my Little Red House???


  1. Yesterday my house was looking wiped out. I was thinking it would take all day today to get it back in order. It wasn't as bad as I thought. But I am still in my pjs. Ha!

  2. You are so cute! That makes perfect sense!! I am sure you will have a blast at Joe's Crab Shack.

    I like days when we stay home...but too much of a good thing...and I start feeling like we really need to get out! lol.

    Hope Hannah is feeling better and no one else gets sick.

  3. I have a hard time balancing, too! But it all works out in the end!



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